Framework Sleeper?

So I’m attempting to take an old msi MS-1683 and replace the mainboard with a framework 13. I have a 3d printer so I’m planning on printing some housing. My issue is I want to use the existing keyboard/screen and trackpad if possible. However I dont know if it is. Suggestions are welcome. I first need to know what ports the framework 13 has for keyboard/display/trackpad.

The pin-outs used to be on the git but I can’t find them anymore, there are “schematics” though that have the same information.

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Pinouts Framework-Laptop-13/Mainboard at main · FrameworkComputer/Framework-Laptop-13 · GitHub

For the screen, you’ll have to get lucky and have the pinout & connector used match. Else you’d have to find or create an adapter.
The trackpad is very unlikely to just work. You need to modify the embedded controller to support it. Same for the keyboard. Also, the pinouts are not going to match, so you’ll need to create adapters.

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That thing looks old enough that it may use lvds instead of edp which would make this quite bit more complicated, it it’s edp it’s just a matter of connecting the right wires together.

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I have a few thoughts on how am I do that. For the track pad since i just realized its missing the left and right clicks. I’ll probably just dremal it out and replace it with the framework one. As for the keyboard it might be possible to use a pico maybe?

So the display is not edp. Plan for that is to get a board for it if I can find one then plug it in to a type C. Otherwise attempt a screen swap if i can find one the right size…

Personally I’d put in a better screen anyway, better screen and easier mod, win-win.

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Yeah I don’t disagree. I’ll prolly need a sizing guide.

Raspberry Pi Pico? Yeah, the RP2040 is good. Since QMK supports it well. Though, I’d see if a smaller RP2040 board could work, or a custom board.



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