Framework Steam Deck SSD Possibly Broken in SteamOS 3.6 Preview

I bought the 2TB Steam Deck SSD from Framework a while back and I’ve been using it with no issues up until recently.

I updated to the SteamOS 3.6 Preview and I believe the SSD is causing a sleep issue. When I sleep the deck, it (most of the time) wakes up immediately after. It usually takes a few tries to go to sleep. This never happened when I used the SSD on SteamOS 3.4 or 3.5.

I believe this is caused by the Framework SSD because I swapped the original OEM SSD back in (I have a 512GB model) and the issue does not happen, even on 3.6 Preview.

I can’t really blame Framework for this, but I do think that they should put a warning on the product page and stop advertising it as “Perfect for upgrading Steam Deck storage” if this bug makes it into the 3.6 stable release. I hope Valve fixes it, but I can’t imagine they’re putting too much effort into support for aftermarket components.

EDIT: I tried reinstalling SteamOS from recovery image on the Framework drive, same thing happens when I update to 3.6 Preview.

This is fixed in the latest SteamOS preview (3.6.4)!

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