Framework Upgrades

I’ve got the OG Framework 11th gen intel and I’ve been very satisfied with it.
There are, however, 3 points of pain I’ve had:

  1. Weak hinges
  2. lots of screen reflections
  3. weak battery

I came back to the store and saw they have upgrades for all these areas! Amazing. I just went in for some of the upgrade options. I’ve got the new stiffer hinges and the matte screen. Both of these upgrades were easy to install and solve my problems perfectly. I’ll go in for the battery as soon as it’s available.

The point is, I love how I can painlessly upgrade the framework. I’m currently recommending framework to everyone I know as the best and coolest laptop on the market right now. Keep up the great work team.


A fellow 11th Genner. And I agree with you on this bit. (Although Point #2 is blasphemy against the Glossy Cult). I grabbed the 4.0 kg hinges, myself. Freaking love the things.

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The battery won’t be compatible with the 11th and 12th gen boards until a firmware update is available. I am waiting to order one once that hits.

Is that an intellectual understanding or a quote form Framework ?

We are still waiting for actual reviews of the framework amd motherboards, but based on the performance of the same chipsets in other systems, you would almost increase more the on time by switching from the intel 11th gen to an amd motherboard than to increasing the battery (which would also help obviously). Plus increased cpu and a lot more gpu power. Food for though.

Quote from Framework in one of their blog posts!


It was in a newsletter dated 04/12/2023

" This includes moving to a new 4.45V cell voltage. We’re releasing firmware updates for 11th Gen and 12th Gen Framework Laptops to support the higher resulting pack voltage, and are coordinating with Google on support in the Chromebook Edition too."

Only reason I did not buy it when it first became available.


Why not both? ¯\(ツ)

I’m addition to the newsletter @nadb quoted, there was this more recent Discord announcement:

Hello everyone. The 61wh Battery went live prematurely and shouldn’t have been sold quite yet as we’re still finalizing the firmware to enable the 61wh functionality. We’ve placed the 61wh Battery back on waitlist for now. Unfortunately some of these orders already shipped, and we ask that these not be installed until the firmware is released. While the battery would act like a 55wh battery without it, it’s not delivering the advertised experience without the firmware update for 11th and 12th Gen Intel Core. I’m working to email all customers that purchased the 61wh Battery now to inform them directly.

We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused and for this error. Thanks for your patience.

It works on 13th gen and AMD systems from the factory, but 11th and 12th gen will need an update.


is there a reason this hasn’t been posted outside of the discord? it would have been helpful to have this information as someone who doesn’t really check the discord much…

An email was sent to everyone with an affected order. There was really no need to publicize it beyond that because nothing in it was new information (other than that it went live and was taken down, but that’s not important for most people to know imo).

But also you should totally come hang out in the Discord more! We don’t bite, I promise! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree completely, thanks for the full explanation! I guess it just hit a nerve seeing that there was an announcement on discord and not the forums. :sweat_smile:

I’m a member of the server, but get overwhelmed by lots of notifications quickly, so I have it on mute! The forums are just more manageable to me since I can read through at a slower pace!


Absolutely! It happens occasionally, mainly with more informal comms (reminders about how the batch system works, for example), but anything new or otherwise important for the community at large to see gets posted here as well.

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After recommending Framework to one of my friends I got to try out the Hinge Kit 2.0 live. I personally use the 4kg hinges as well but the second gen feels much better. In summary a lot less screen wobble but still not as hard to open as with the 4kg hinges. So IMO if you get new hinges, go for the 2.0 kit