Framework Wikipedia pages

I found Framework’s company page on Wikipedia.

I tried to create “Framework Laptop” page linked from the company page. But the page also existed as a page redirected to “Framework Computer” (the page). After I tried to update it without redirection, my edit was updated soon again. Anyway, I intended to create this thread to let you know it and to discuss about the pages on Wikipedia.

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For someone to edit and grow the wikipedia pages, the following pages could be useful to refer.

Now I think it’s good timing to thrive the Framework Wikipedia pages. The Framework is trying to scale, creating their multiple languages website. But I don’t think they create many languages websites soon. On the Wikipedia pages, creating the multiple languages pages are relatively easier than creating the company’s official web pages. Of course we have to be ethical and careful not to create a kind of advertisement page. It is forbidden by Wikipedia.

Recently I found Framework Laptop - ArchWiki . And the scope is Arch specific. So, why don’t we create this kind of technical page on the scope of Framework Laptop on Wikipedia.

Also there are differences between framework (the company) and the framework laptop (the product). At the moment, there where the page of the company should link to the page of the product it just links to itself.

Because there is a redirection from to Framework_Computer. Because one experienced person who don’t like removing the redirection. To create the “Framework_Laptop” page, I need to negotiate. But at the moment, I am tired to do it.

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First I focus to add more content to the Framework Computer - Wikipedia category until stakeholders (editors) on the Wikipedia page agree to create the new page “Framework_Laptop”.

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Yes that makes sense

I added a little more content to the Framework Computer - Wikipedia . One note: Framework has the Red*tt community. But when I added the commit including the URL, the Wikipedia bot immediately reverted the commit, sending the following message to me. For someone who wants to try to edit the Wikipedia, take care about it.

I added the support section.

The benefits are to reduce a mount of the contact to the customer support, and to guide users to proper discussion threads on this forum.

I added the “A company or individual driven projects” section at the wikipedia page.

I added the “Embedded controller (EC) firmware” section on the wikipedia page. If you have a suggestion to make it better, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi @Tyler_S and @Caleb_Majeski, is it possible for you to declare a CC (Creative Commons) license for the following image you guys created at Framework Fan Art 🎨🖌️ - #46 by Caleb_Majeski ? Because I would like to use the image on Framework’s Wikipedia page - “A_company_or_individual_driven_projects” section.

I think the image is very nice to describe the “individual driven projects” on Wikipedia. Thanks.

Hi @nrp, is it possible for you to declare a CC license for the following image on the company blog? Because I would like to use the image on the Framework’s Wikipedia page as a top image.

For a proper license, seeing how to upload an image to Wikipedia, to upload and image on Wikipedia, the image license needs be to Creative Commons 0 (CC0 = Public Domain) or one of the Creative Commons (CC) license.

Here is a reference for the CC license. If you don’t have a preference, I suggest CC BY-SA 4.0 license, that is the latest version of “CC BY-SA” license. Seeing the other images on Wikipedia, I see the license is often used.

For a business perspective, I think it’s a good idea for Framework to create a GitHub repository on Framework’s GitHub for free materials (images, videos) for people to reuse or redistribute easily without asking, to spread the Framework. The repository name could be such as FrameworkComputer/free-material with a CC license file.

@nrp , sorry to ping you again. Is it possible for me to upload this photo for my Framework Laptop including your company’s logo to Wikipedia? I need to get a permission from you for me to upload it according to the this page.

  • You can also upload photos from this page by yourself.
  • You can refer my github repo
    to share your creatives using your GitHub repo with CC license. According to my research, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (cc-by-sa-3.0) license is the best to be used on Wikipedia. You can see this page for details.

I think photos on Framework Wikipedia page are effective. People often check Wikipedia page before buying in my opinion.

@junaruga I’m happy to put my artwork into the public domain, is there any particular process for declaring CC?

Thanks! I am really not sure about it. But I assume reading this page, that you just declared it now here might be good enough.

with two exceptions

You can upload someone else’s work if the author granted permission for anyone to use, copy, modify and sell it.

Reading this page, the possible ways are to upload your images to Creative Commons or Wikipedia or Wikipedia Commons, or just create GitHub repository with the license info, and etc?

Product photography that you take yourself should fall under fair use, so no problem on uploading a photo of a Framework Laptop.

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Thanks nrp! Now I was able to upload my own Framework Laptop photo from the Upload Wizard.

Notes for someone who wants to upload your photo to use on the “Framework Computer” Wikipeida page.

  • Here is the screen shot to select your license. The default was “CC By-SA 4.0” (not 3.0), and you can select another license too (such as CC0) by clicking “Use a difference license” link.

  • You can’t change the uploaded file name after you upload it. You can only change the publish status from public to private by requesting it to the admin. See here. So, take care your image file name to be uploaded. In my case, the file name was “framework_laptop_sway_community_forum_small.png”. It’s not cool. But I uploaded it unintentionally and using it, compromising

  • The File syntax to show the photo on the Wikipedia is like this.

    [[File:Framework laptop sway community forum small.png|thumb|upright|''Framework Laptop'']]

@Tyler_S I think now the process to declare the license for your wallpaper image is to upload your artwork (wallpaper) to WikiMedida Commons from the WikiMedia’s Upload Wizard first after creating your account on WikiMedia. In the process of the uploading the image, you are asked the lincense. Then Caleb is going to upload his wallpaper later considering your license.

Could you do that? Thanks!

Sorry just moment. Sorry for confusing you.

@Tyler_S, assuming that you declared the license CC 0 on this thread is good enough, now
@Caleb_Majeski uploaded his wallpaper to WikiMedia Commons. And I referred the image from the Framework Computer Wikipedia page. The page is even nicer now :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!