Full FW16 input module specifications

Hello everyone,

I’m thinking about making a custom input module for myself (with a trackpoint) to use with the FW16 - this would greatly reduce my reliance on Lenovo for hardware.

However, the github section on input modules is quite lacking, especially for the full keyboard-sized input modules - there’s a mechanical drawing and a STEP file, but no full electrical specification. The latter is available only for the small input modules.

Is the electrical specification identical across all input module sizes? If so, what is the additional set of contacts on the large input module for?

The 2D drawing seems to imply that one would only use the leftmost position:

Can someone here confirm that?

Is there a more complete set of specification documents somewhere that I haven’t found yet? Will more info be uploaded as the FW16 rolls out to customers?


I presume that it’s just for the additional magnets, for a stronger hold & better stability. Each location should have magnets on the keyboard side to match with the magnets on the connector row.

I’m sure we’ll get more. They do note:

the documentation here is pretty early, so there may be minor adjustments in the mechanical or electrical designs before the Framework Laptop 16 launches. We’ll let you know when the design is locked for production.


They’ve mentioned being busy, in general, with work on the Framework-16.

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The electrical specification is the same for all Input Modules. That is correct that on the keyboard-sized Input Module, you would only use the left-most header.


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Thank you for clarifying that! I’ll get started with my PoC and then figure out the (mechanical) specifics when more documentation is available and the first FW16s are in the wild :slight_smile:

I believe Input Modules are complete and will not be changed now.

Will we get documentation on the touchpad module (cf Mechanical/electrical specs for touchpad module )?

The keyboard module I want to build is double-height; aka it includes ~2cm of the touchpad space: Thinkpad keyboard mod (super early stages)! - #38 by C_Scott_Ananian . Would be nice to have specs for that part.