Future Budget Framework 16 Possibility

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I understand the cost of the device, and am very happy they’ve made these features available. Personally, I’d prefer they launched the device as it is now over something with less modularity or a smaller feature set, but I can understand someone on a budget might think different.

I’d like to talk about the possibility and feasibility of a second product with a smaller feature set which could bring down cost, and make the device more accessible to those who couldn’t justify the current price. That way, people could still have the main feature of a swapable GPU but perhaps not the other pieces.

By my understanding, some major reasons for the price point might be the modular system of the main keyboard and track pad, liquid metal, and perhaps the current screen or chip available. The later two of course could be changeable without much issue if new options were available but the modules aren’t. One could see the original 13 design being cheaper to produce, have cheaper tooling, take less RND, and seprete to the discussion make it easier for your average person to take their laptop apart.

What’s your opinion? would going back to the design of the keyboard and track pad of the 13 make this significantly cheaper for the 16? how about moving away from liquid metal? Do you believe there would even be a market for this?

How much are we trying to cut off? A similarly configured 13 inch and 16 are about $250 apart. I can imagine a less modular keyboard area knocking off $25 to $50. I don’t believe switching from liquid metal is a significant enough cost savings to change the price at all. I think most of that $250 price differential comes from a more complex to manufacture chassis, a larger and more advanced screen and a larger battery.


There definitly is a market for cheaper, less modular designs. That space is also already occupied by tens of companies and Framework stands no chance in competing there.


None, but we’re talking about the cheaper, less modular space. You can either buy a device with modularity and pay higher prices or get some cheap stuff without modularity.

I don’t think that would help with prices much, if at all.

Most (even cheap) laptops have relatively modular keyboards so they can easily adapt to multiple countries. Creating additional model variants and managing manufacturing, inventory, storage of these additional variants and so on is probably more expensive than the cost they’d save by making the keyboard and touchpad less modular.

Also the mainboard already has these modular pogo pins for connecting the input modules. If you want to use the same mainboard, you kinda have to use the same input modules.


Sure, but what I was trying to say is that a normal laptop’s keyboard is still modular, just less modular. Framework maybe could save some money if they had to only support a single keyboard layout, but as they already have to support multiple layouts for different countries and as they already have the pogo pin locations on the mainboard, a less modular variant doesn’t make much sense, or it would be even less modular than the keyboard of competitors.


You are technically paying for first gen R&D costs and the low volume production cost, Framework doesn’t have the scale of HP/Dell/Acer/Lenovo/LG to push prices down.


Whoa whoa whoa! I don’t think you had to nuke your whole thread here! I think you asked a fair question that you’re definitely not alone with. With any luck, the day will come when these features are more common and therefore affordable, but we’re just getting started here. Nonetheless, it’s ok to dream!


No need to apologize and certainly no need to edit your thread. Some people disagree with you. That’s okay. This is a place for discussion. Not everyone will always agree.

I think your idea for a more basic, less expensive, 16" laptop from Framework is actually a popular one. If that will ever come about and what it will look like will depend on a lot of factors. I think a discussion about it is a good idea, even if not everyone agrees on everything.

One issue is certainly the fact that Framework is a smaller company and recovering the R&D cost is always going to be part of the equation. But I think a basic 16" laptop with modest CPU options, no GPU slot, no modular input system (though a number pad and full-size arrow keys would likely be welcome from a lot of folks), and a slightly more modest display option (but still having the expansion slots for ports and full repairability) for around the $1,000 starting price would likely be a hit with a lot of people.

But they have to start somewhere, and they have started with a more modular, powerful, enthusiast type of laptop. We’ll see where they go from here. Discussions like this are a good thing because they help let Framework gauge the interest in various ideas. I recommend you change the title back.

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Echoing what others said, no need to nuke the thread. I’m going to go ahead and restore the the original for continuity purposes. You’re welcome to post a reply with your updated thoughts, but please do not nuke the thread, as that just confuses readers and does nobody any good.

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Well that’s kinda messed up. I’ve been clear I have no want to continue the discussion from my side, I should be able to delete the post or, atleast, remove my account from it. Would deleting my account be the preferred method of untethering myself from a discussion? So far, these responces only mirror the other " Why is the FW16 so expensive?" thread. This is, at best, a repeat discussion not my intended discussion on possible ways to lower the price, which I have failed to create. I take responsibility for that, I didn’t properly express this wish and should have been more clear.

At worst, I see I’ve been misinterpreted a few times. This is not their fault, I have explained poorly, but at this point I’ve been clear about nolonger wanting to be attached. Would you, in lieu of not allowing me to remove the post and removing my agency in deleting my comments by bringing them back, allow an edit to the top of the post stating I’m done with this topic?

Restoring the title is one thing, but I don’t know about restoring posts he wanted removed. They are still available, for some time at least, by checking post edits, for any user who is really interested. The post edit history feature was meant for cases like this.

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You both make good points. I’ll revert my decision for the comments, but the original post will remain up to avoid losing context.

Since OP expressed that they no longer want to continue the discussion, I’ll go ahead and close the thread as well. Thanks for your feedback, all.