How much will the laptop 16 be?

I was wondering about how much the laptop 16 be? Thank You!

We do not know anything about the Framework 16

Stay tuned to official channels for more information.

@dh1 If I were to speculate, I would bet it will be more expensive than the normal Framework laptop 13. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is close to $2000 with all the fancy expansions and features it will be offering.
Guess we will just have to see when they announce it.


Thank you! I can’t wait for it to come out!

if the laptop comes at 2000€ or more, i hope there will be a good cpu and gpu with the price (at least a good i5 and a RTX 3080). Because YES the concept is awesome and the build quality is awesome too but i don’t want to spend 2000€ on a laptop with way less power than another laptop. (Thinking about the 13" which costs 1000e in France if we take like 16g of ram, and we buy a 50€ SSD. At this price i can go for a lenovo legion 15ACH6H with a 5600H and a RTX 3060 + 16g of ram and 500g of storage).
I’m not that rich so i think framework is too expensive for me, but the company have all my support for the awesome work they are doing.

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In comparison there are better price/performance laptops available for you today. But they are neither as sustainable, nor as modular as this laptop is.

Honestly for my current setup a dedicated gaming laptop or even a premium laptop would have been cheaper (I bought an eGPU) but 1. I wanted to get a small portable laptop that I can repair and 2. I wanted to support Framework and their mission and 3. I honestly don’t need much power when traveling.

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@Anachron yes of course but i don’t want to spend the double of the money i should spend on a computer even for sustainability. Motherboard isn’t that cheap so for any upgrade or just replace a deficient part, i will have to pay a bit less than a brand new computer with the same CPU. Like the motherboard costs a bit less than a new pc with the same specs (in france at least). So yes i would like to pay more for sustainability and modularity (+ i’m a linux user so i want a well supported computer) but the price is just tooooo big. eGPU is also not very “cheap”. It costs the computer + the egpu + the rig (+ the psu in some case). As i said i’m not rich, i’m a student, i could pay 1000e for a laptop but i don’t want to spend this amount for just a 1340p for my cpu and 16g of ram (even if the computer is awesome beside that).

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@Anachron nevermind just saw the prices, i’m wrong about the motherboard prices (i checked the wrong motherboard sorry).

That was my point! My setup is quite expensive. Even with the laptop 16 I think it will be more expensive than “normal” gaming laptops due to it’s better materials and flexible design.

So when you really need a high end computer for gaming but can’t afford much I believe the best bet for you would be to look for 2nd hand gaming laptops with a usage of 1-2 years.

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