Future E-Waste

When we eventually have new options for motherboards and screens, what will happen to parts that are replaced as part of an upgrade, but are still fully functional?

In my opinion, I would like to see 2 different options.

  1. (probably not plausible) A Framework-managed market place to sell parts to other customers. Chances are that this will be a tough thing to manage as the parts will be as-is.
  2. Recycling/donations to a partnered foundation to help in countries that are less tech-developed. Things like cases, motherboards, and non-storage accessories should be pretty easy to recycle without worrying about data.

Another option that I would like to see in the future (with a larger company budget) is a mail-back program that could incentivize customers sending back the parts that are replaced for either a rebate, or discount on a future purchase. Optionally, if it is a discount, it could be payed-forward to a friend or family member to help on a new purchase or put towards the previously mentioned foundation.


You’re in luck, the Framework Marketplace should be going live in a few weeks with most of these features eventually. I’m pretty sure they’ve said you might be able to resell your old parts that you’re upgrading from to other users looking to buy them on a Framework-moderated market!


I’ve heard that you will be able to resell old parts p2p on the framework marketplace.

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