What do I do with parts I replace that still work?

So I purchased and installed a new bezel for my Framework. Now I have this extra bezel. Can I return it to Framework for recycling? Not for any cash or credit, but just so you (Framework) can reuse it. Seems silly to just throw it out as there was nothing wrong with it.


Eventually you will be able to sell this in the Marketplace, but that may be some time away.

There’s nothing preventing you selling this on eBay, but the market will be very limited at this point.

I would hang on to it if I were you, for the time being.


Thanks, I’ll do that!

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@Fraoch I think he also meant about the first or second before the third in RRR model (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

Recycle is great and easy, but most consumer will prefer buying first hand product, and also will prefer enclosing such low powered yet highly performant motherboard to reuse as a server or something (powered/efficient the same as raspberry pi yet dozens of time more performant). I myself consider making it a home hub, for files/storage and/or local compilation server so to get actively cooled while compiling and delivering it back over local wifi, or sometimes also to use to make a non-smart TV play video through web.


This is a good idea. Actually the company Fairphone was doing this kind of thing when I bought Fairphone 3. The company asked customers who bought a new Fairphone, to send their old smart phone including non-Fairphone to the company.


@junaruga and @Fraoch : I was kind of thinking to open a new thread to discuss the idea of returning working parts to Frame.work, or open the Marketplace to owners who want to sell the replaced parts. I think that a good model would be this:

  • User can return parts to the company in exchange for a small reward (voucher, discount, a little money… whatever is more convenient); then the returned parts can be Refurbished, eventually Repaired, and Repurposed (see? Three R!) in new laptops that can be sold at a slightly cheaper price (more suited for the DiY edition, in my opinion), or sold again on the Marketplace at a slightly cheaper price. Both the laptop with a refurbished part or the part itself can have a “certified refurbished” label to make crystal-clear what the user will get, and why it costs less.
  • User can sell parts directly on the Marketplace (as mentioned); that would be easier, though a bit messier because there is no guarantee that the part will work or will arrive in the same conditions as advertised (sorry, I’ve had too many bad experiences on eBay lately…).

I’m glad we’re talking about the possibility, that’s great!


In a few months they’ll release the awesome new orange keyboard and touchpad. Then this summer, the new glossy black case and lid. Plus the touch screen in 2023. 2024 you’ll want to buy a new motherboard for the 13th gen intel chips. Then you just buy a new SSD for $30 and you have a second frame.work created by mitosis!