Selling used parts

I would like to buy the Matte Display and the AMD Ryzen mainboard kit but I don’t want to buy them without a plan to sell the ones they would be replacing. I don’t want to collect old parts personally. Where are you all selling your old Framework parts? I tried searching for Framework on eBay and got a bunch of irrelevant results because of the word “framework”. It seems there isn’t a used market for these parts just yet?

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Ebay has categories that help.
Laptops & Netbooks > PC Laptops & Netbooks
There are also categories for Laptop parts.

But there aren’t a lot of Frameworks out there yet, so there just isn’t going to be a lot of people selling. Here is an ebay search which shows what has sold withing the past couple months within the Laptops & Netbooks > PC Laptops & Netbooks category.

There is also

In the early days before the first products were available, I always thought the Marketplace would serve this purpose. Alas, it only serves as the storefront for Framework, and I had forgotten about my pre-release misconception until now. I wish there was an officially sanctioned Framework second-hand Marketplace where owners could buy and sell used parts. With repair-ability and reduction of e-waste being a tenet of the Framework ethos, this seems like an endeavor that would be worthy of Framework’s time and attention. Any thoughts @nrp?


Framework has said that is in the long-term goals for the marketplace, but it’s a huge engineering and moderation burden that a small company of less than 50 globally simply doesn’t have the capacity for yet.


Sure enough, I guess my “misconception” at least had some basis in reality - from the original Marketplace announcement:

Here’s hoping that time comes sooner rather than later.


++Reviving this thread++

Being able to sell the mainboard is what is holding me back from upgrading my mainboard and I really want to get the new AMD Ryzen 7040 series. I’ve researched eBay but the used market there for mainboards is barely existent. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough?

I would love some sort of a trade-in program. I realize it is not an easy task but some sort of a roadmap towards being able to do that would be amazing!

How many are you seeing? Are you in the category of Computer Components & Parts > Motherboards?
Recently sold mainboards: Framework in Motherboards for sale | eBay

I mean, Framework just doesn’t have the sales of big companies like Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc, so the numbers aren’t going to be high. But they do sell. People who want mainboards will specifically search for them.

And have you tried posting to No need to set up an ebay account there. Just post it up, and have a safe way to take payment, normally done with paypal’s “Goods and Services” option.