Future Gaming Support

I’m sure you’ve been sent this a million times by now but is there any future vision for gaming support maybe a partnership with Nvidia or AMD the potential is most definitely there, obviously with component shortages it may be a task to implement but would definitely entice the tinkerer’s and IT enthusiasts that also tend to game in their free time, kind of a laptop for the office that you can still bring home and play some games not to mention in won’t become obsolete as quickly of course I understand chip limitations as well as manufacturing but this seems like a great platform and would be very great for a gamer that isn’t necessarily willing to build a full fledged desktop but still wants to get into PC gaming and have the option to customize their performance vs buying a prebuilt laptop that is generally stuck with those components, just food for thought, I know I’d buy one



They’re currently working on improving the laptop and ironing out issues with it, afaik there’s not any new models (e.g 15", DGPU, etc) in the near future.

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