FW ryzen idle temperature

Hi ryzen folks

what are the idle cpu temperatures of your FW 7640/7840? My is in the range of 45-50°C, which seems to be rather high. I have a razer 13 with i7 1650, idle temperature is on average ~38-43°C. Never had AMD laptop before so not sure if 50C idle temperature is normal.

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This is fine for an idle temp. There are several different factors that affect idle temp such as ambient temp and thermal paste. You also can’t compare idle temps between different laptops (especially with different processors) as they have different heatsink sizes and fan curves.

Same temps here. I’m pretty confident it’s due to the fan running very low or being off completely at idle. Even if you see high temps at full load (over 100C) it’s fine. Modern CPUs are designed to boost as high as possible even to their TJmax and then throttle from there. If it’s not shutting itself down under load or throttling to insanely low clocks (1.4ghz to 400mhz) then I wouldn’t worry.

cool, good to know. I am considering to repaste, that’s why I ask here first.

On the other hand, how about the fan noise when your FW if under some heavy load, I am really “impressed” by how loud FW is (I have to say I never had a laptop that loud before :joy:). Is there a way to cap fan speed as long as core temperatures are under certain thresholds?

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If you use Linux, some people have made scripts that use DHowett’s EC code to make a fan curve. There is probably something similar available for Windows.

That’s about what I get with the stock equipment. Way hotter at idle than my Surface Laptop 10th gen Intel. I’m also considering changes to the thermal management. Take a look at this thread about using phase change thermal pads instead of traditional paste - [Honeywell PTM7950 Phase Change Thermal Pads/Sheets] Application, Tips, and Results

Probably going to give this a shot on mine pretty soon.

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thanks a lot!