FW13 AMD : Graphics issue


I just started my FW13, AMD version, and saw the following screen both on my laptop display and my external monitor.

Description :

  • Just saw this screen as in pic. Flickering bricks and dots everywhere. I turned the laptop down again with the power button.

Steps to troubleshoot : I haven’t started any. My plan is to go for RAM and try each of the sticks (2x8Gb).

Edit : sorry for the formatting, I am on mobile

Edit #2 : Had the laptop for 1 month, and it worked good until this morning for some light web usage.

Update #1 :
Removed the right memory module (OEM) and laptop booted up without issue, neither the integrated display nor my external monitor.

BIG RELIEF as I need it for work.

I will try adding the stick back in, and also test it back in the left socket.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

My understanding is that you must use the right slot [0] if using only 1 slice of RAM ??

Note: If you are using one Memory module, place it in the right socket that is labelled “Channel 0."
Memory Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

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Thanks for the advice. I knew there was an optimal configuration for 1 stick, but I wanted to troubleshoot.

Currently I have the 2 modules labelled “A07” and “B16” or A and B for short. I did the following tests :

1 stick test LEFT RIGHT (preferential per FW doc)
A stick OK OK (2 tries)
B stick OK (2 tries) ERROR : white screen with mouse pointer (2 tries), OK : #3 try with short flash on windows locking screen but no issue in OS

Update : #3 try worked on right socket, B stick.

New update, this time with 2 sticks in :

Left B / Right A

Memory training > FLASHES (see pic #2)

Left A / Right B
Currently posting this reply, so no problem ? 16 GB shown in Windows at 5600 MT/s.

Second boot (after rescrewing the input panel) SAME ISSUES

Is any RAM stick faulty or is it the mainboard ? Or the SSD ?

Edit : no stability with 2 sticks.
Tomorrow I’ll try some 1 stick configurations again.

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I’d recommend loading a USB up with memtest86 to check if one of the sticks is faulty (which is a possibility). Can you also check the RAM slots and see if there any bent pins?


My tests suggests that whatever the configuration (1 or 2 sticks, right or left socket, etc.), the problem will occur irregularly : sometimes it will boot without issue, while in the same configuration on another try the graphical artefacts will appear.

I’ll follow the tests you suggested but with what I saw until now I doubt it is RAM. No bent pins either.