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Finally got my laptop today but cannot figure out where this piece goes. Am I missing something? It’s not in the install video and the qr code does not work.

Edit: Nvm. Figured it out. The 3 fastener interposer is for the Expansion module. The graphics module requires a 4 fastener interposer which is already installed. I have both the expansion and the graphics module. Not sure why they would give me this tiny piece that i could easily lose though and not just use the same component for both modules.

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because on the connector for your Graphic-card Module you have alot more pins.
On the Expansion Module you only have 8 pogo pins for the fans.

Keep it together with your expansion module, tape it together for example, so you won’t loose it.

How big is the gap between the touchpad module at the height of the keyboard and the touchpad spacers?
I can get a fingernail between them.

This looks to be way too high. Both touchpad and spacers should be flush with the frame of notebook. Reseat them by sliding them 7mm (1/4") to the front and back in. They may push up a little, but if the elements themselves are reasonably flat, there should be no real gap.
Check the midplate, are all screws in and no big deformations anywhere?

so i think the touchpad module is a little curved at the edge of the notebook it is still flush and towards the top the gap gets bigger

On your image, the spacer looks to be lying on top of the frame. Is that really the case, or just an artefact of the slightly blurry image?

No, there is also a small gap, but all screws are tight, just checked again.

Something doesn’t look quite right there. The face plate of the numpad should sit slightly recessed relative to the base frame. The touchpad and spacer should sit flush. They may be raised a little bit, but gently pressing down on them should (temporarily) move them down in the correct position. If there is any sort of resistance, don’t force it.

So assembling is very easy, very strange the whole thing.
but my numernpad does not light up either

The numpad backlight must be activated separately. With num-lock disabled, pressing the enter-key on the numpad toggles backlight brightness of the numpad and the “+” key toggles dimming.


I decided to run some small tests.

Shared my details in the Linux Benchmarks thread

What’s interesting, is the CPU power.
The minimum value is 5.26 GHz while the maximum value is 6.23 GHz.

This is strange because AMD say the max boost clock is 5.2Ghz: https://www.amd.com/en/products/processors/laptop/ryzen/7000-series/amd-ryzen-9-7940hs.html

My FW16 batch 13 took a strange detour, but arrived today.
Everything nice and tidy, pity completing it took only 45 minutes. :wink:


I don’t even have the email that says it shipped. Where’s my laptop if everyone already has theirs by now from Batch 13?

Are you in Oz?
Cos Oz isn’t isn’t being shipped to for some reason.

Nope, I’m in the US – Atlanta metro to be specific. Everyone else here in the States seems to have gotten theirs; I haven’t heard a peep since the “batch being prepped” email but my card has been charged already…

better contact support, from what I’ve been seeing of our batch 13 and later batches you should have got yours by now!
I’m feeling super frustrated with the shipping mess to Oz!

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And I haven’t gotten a message back from support about this either. @Destroya is it possible to have you look into this for me please?

Good luck!
I’m still seeing the 2-3 week delay for us Oz customers.

And I still have nothing… Just an email from support saying “we’ll reach out to our logistics partners” but that was 2 4 days ago.

I’m really close to calling my credit card company and having the charges reversed. You are not allowed to play with $2500 of my hard-earned money like this. I want to believe in this company but I am a Senior Support Engineer for a large IT company and I’d be reprimanded if I didn’t make contact with my customers every 24 hours with this sort of thing. Make it right or give me my money back!