FW16 Batch 13 Guild

Ok, here it is for all the “Lucky 13” people waiting for the FW16 Batch 13 Guild thread to be opened! :crazy_face:


Batch 13 and I’m super stoked to get this laptop!

lol, how these “guild” posts arise, now that people are hyped after the first devices have been shipped and arrived at their destinations xD

Well, batch 13, here we go. I still hope, mine will be here early may, that would be a nice birthday gift for myself.

Yeah, I’m also excited about it. My MSI is getting tired and my wife’s new HP has the same CPU and chipset, soooo much faster than mine. Can’t wait!

My 8 Year old dell XPS has been basically toast for the past few years so I’m perfectly happy to pay an extra premium and get a laptop that should last me longer than that.

So what are your thoughts about the FW16 so far given the user reviews? We got batch 3 shipping and I think batch 1 is just about done.

Ordered October 2023, looking forward to get my batch 13 laptop…
do we get official updates on the batches? I’m still waiting for a rough date.

I haven’t seen any official word on batches from Framwork. All I’ve seen from lurking the early batch guild forums is when they’ve gotten their batch preparation emails and usually a billing email. Seems like the batch preparation email goes out to everyone in the batch all at once and individually people get the charge email within the time frame.

I am also in Batch 13 and can’t wait for the laptop!

@J_Wilkes as @Klay_Hart said, as far as I found out sifting through the past releases we won’t get any info regarding the time and date other what we got when ordering (Q2) and maybe some estimates.

You could have a look at the progress of the other batches:

From my very rough estimations (about 1 Batch per week with some delay time), I suspect that we still have to be a bit more patient as then we would end up roughly mid-end Mai. But keep in mind that nobody can say anything for sure right now.

I’ve thrown my optimism out the window on this. When I made my pre-order and I saw Q2, my first thought was I’ll probably get it sometime around July, and I’d be lucky if I got it before my birthday (early July). I expect delays on any deadline. If we get it before the end of July, that’s about where I’ve expected. If we get it earlier than July, then that’s a bonus! I know we’ve got quite a wait being batch 13, but definitely take a look at the earlier batches. People have been really disappointed by not getting it by the “deadline.” I just want everyone to be aware there have been delays, so we’re already pushed back from what we’ve been told. If they manage to catch up, then awesome, but don’t expect it. Also, it’s still early (10 more batches left), so things could change.

Yeah absolutely! I also have no expectations, just because I know how much can and probably will go wrong.

Well, while ordering we were the first batch in Q2, as Batch 12 was still in Q1. There was about a month and a half delay from when Batch 1 should’ve started to roll out, so what was maybe early April, “should” now be mid-May. You’re right, there might be some unforeseen issues and further delays, but I don’t expect it later than June.

But I sure hope, we will be happy, when it arrives, starts up without issues and will serve us many years.

I’ve already built a multi-ISO USB Stick with ventoy. So I can try out Windows 11 with Hirens Boot Disc, Zorin OS, Mint and more, all on one stick. In the end, I will install Windows, I think. Maybe even 11, though I like 10 more. It’s just the software I intend to use is not available on Linux and I’m not sure, if I’m able to virtualize it, because I’ve got USB devices, which are controlled by that software.

I’d love to get it in June, but I’m setting my expectations really low. There’s nowhere but up. Lol

I will definitively be installing some flavor of Linux.
The PC that died on me was running Arch. But I am planning on at least trying NixOS on my Framework. I will be using the laptop mainly for gaming and that wasn’t an issue before with my much worse setup, so I am pretty sure it won’t be an issue on the Framework laptop.

Btw: What specs did you guys get? I got mine with the Ryzen 7840HS, the RX 7700, black spacers and bezel (not sure if I’ll regret not getting the orange ones) and the linux keyboard without a macro- / numpad.

Also the 7840HS here, but no 7700S, I’m waiting for a more powerful GPU. Got the black bezels, too, and a Numpad.
RAM and SSD are already here, as well as a bag.
I got both the HDMI and DP expansion cards, as well as some USB A and a few USB C cards, plus the 180w charger

I also got a 7840HS with the RX 7700S. Black bezels, RGB keyboard, and num pad. For expansion cards I got 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, HDMI, and DisplayPort. I also made sure to get the 180w power adapter since it’ll probably be a while till a 240w comes along.

I’d like to wait for a better GPU, but since I’m replacing my current laptop (with a GTX 1060) I can’t really use just the integrated GPU till some unknown time when we get another GPU available. The good news is I’ll be able to get a better GPU at some point.

Good news from the last update email!

Our final assembly factory for Framework Laptop 16 and all of our sub suppliers are now up and running smoothly. We had a few bumps as we ramped, with an early material shortage on the RGB Macropad and product serialization and data systems issues delaying some of the keyboard versions. All of those issues are now resolved, and we’re on our way to utilizing full manufacturing capacity. We’re currently aiming for an approximately 5 day cadence between sending out “preparing your batch” emails from batch to batch, with a goal to speed that up to 4 days as we reach peak factory output. We sent out the email to Batch 4 late last week and plan to send the Batch 5 email this week. We expect to fulfill all Batch 5 and most Batch 6 orders before the end of Q1 and all current pre-orders before the end of Q2. We’ll be updating the timing that appears on your order in your user account to reflect this. We optimize manufacturing throughput by scheduling larger runs of each configuration, which means we will have anywhere from 1 to 4 different batches in the midst of fulfillment at any given time.

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I’m also really excited about when the notebook will finally arrive

I try not to be too excited, but since the first ones from batch 7 will get theirs this week and batch 8 preparation mail is sent, I cannot help myself but to feel some excitement coming up.

FW seems to be serious about their 4 day pace. If they keep this up, we might get our preparation mail in the first week of May, with delivery the second week.

It still seems so far off for me. I’m guessing it’ll probably hit me when batch 10 or 11 starts shipping. I’ve been looking in the earlier batch guilds (currently 6 & 7) and the two shipping topics. Going to be checking out 8 & 9 here soon. I got a bit excited to see a post here in our batch 13 guild.