FW16 Batch 14 Guild

I have mine in Staffs, UK, two days earlier than indicated in the FedEx tracking.

Yeah, it seems mine is also in Winnipeg. Quite a different path than I’m used to for most of my packages. This is promising though since this is close to me, but it has been stuck in Winnipeg since yesterday morning clearing customs possibly.

Similar here on almost all packages heading my way. My package says it should be here today by 2:40pm, but I know that is impossible when it hasn’t been marked as leaving Winnipeg yet, nor out for delivery. It can’t arrive within an hour when it is still over 700 km away unless they didn’t update the shipping status when it left.

I hope you get it soon! Status shows mine as out for delivery but the provided window ends in forty minutes. We shall see what happens :joy:

Are you like me now? Every time I go out now I seem to see a Fedex truck, even though I never used to notice them as they are so scarce in the UK.

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It has arrived and it’s beautiful! 10/10

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I’m so happy for you @Hunter-Framework! Can’t wait to see mine arrive. It missed the delivery date, but I am not surprised. Except for Amazon, no delivery company ever arrives here on time.
My package has been stuck in Winnipeg for two days now, so it seems to be taking as long as I expected. I’ll likely see it Thursday or Friday as I originally expected.

Hi from batch 14
Shipped from May 9th and received May 15th after spending more than one day at customs ?

Assembly was smooth took me around half an hour to unbox every part and mount a primary and a second SSD, working all fine and two sticks of RAM with no issue

I could boot up to BIOS and storage as well as RAM were all doing great

Just installed fedora 40 and trying to replace my previous laptop I was using for work (still a work in progress)

The feeling feels great compared to before

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Happy for you @Jhugaga, can’t wait for mine to arrive. It’s been in Winnipeg since Monday.

Is there anyone left here that is still waiting?

Well, my wait is over now! It arrived on Thursday as predicted. I do know my postal system well. I’ll make an update once I get into the box, but seeing as I intend to record the unboxing I’ll still likely end up waiting until the weekend.

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Is anyone else having issues with enabling the TPM for BitLocker? I’ve looked through a few forum posts related to this issue on the 13, however it seems they are all based on either a bad main board or the samsung-based drives. The TPM module is enabled in EFI and the error shows up when BitLocker is getting enabled, so I don’t think it’s a bad main board.

You running Windows Pro or above? I only ask because Home edition will let you use BitLocker, but not set it up.

Do you get an error, if so, what is it?

No issues here, running Windows 11 Pro. Bitlocker seemed to configure itself as part of the Windows install and TPM looks happy.

My work only installs windows 10 and if we want to upgrade to 11, we have to start there. But windows 10 can’t see TPM, and the upgrade check says we can’t upgrade.

So I am unable to use the device for work unless they create a windows 11 boot media. If I’m being honest, I have no interest in Windows 11 for work or for home. I was hoping I could skate by with 10 despite the driver availability. Looks like a deal breaker for me. Might end up returning the device.

Ok, Update. I was able to install windows 10 and just install the W11 drivers onto it. I still can’t use it for work, but at least it’s in a usable state for personal use.

I did have W11 for a few minutes on it, however even the process to install the drivers had the thing underclock to 2.x GHz, which is strange. 10 is just better. =)

Better yes, but technically unsupported I believe, so getting everything working will be trial and error.

I had an issue with the TPM module as well. I initially had Windows 10 installed and couldn’t upgrade to 11. I basically had to do a new install and using the custom installation. I’m not sure if there’s a way to upgrade to Windows 11. It might just require a new install. I haven’t tried to use bit locker so I’m not 100% if everything is working but I don’t have anything with an error in my device manager.

Solved - had a bad mem stick. Took some poking around but figrued it out with the second unit.

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Win11 lost my TPM module a few times over my first few days. Its weird. I still haven’t figured out what is happening. Overnight I go to log in and the credentials throw an error. The TPM.MSC throws an error. If I hard reboot it comes back. I opened another thread on this in the main forum but definitely some wonky stuff related to the TPM.