FW16 Batch 17 Guild

Same here! Got mine around 10am MST.

Unfortunate it’s not powering on, looking at cmos issues but I don’t see the cmos. Going to give it a good charge and hopefully it wakes up from it’s deep deep slumber.

I’m saddened to report that mine is either lost or stolen. FedEx claims to have delivered it 30 minutes ago but there is no sign of it there. The signature name isn’t even my name on their website. I’ve reported it lost or stolen to them.

I was at home all day long, only to get this delivery. At first i was between 9am and 1 pm… Then it goes to 6pm. Then it goes to “the end of the day”.Then i get this notification. Come on i was camping in my front door all day long, i know that nobody was here at 5:36 pm ,:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

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Ugh, that’s awful! Maybe it was delivered to a neighbor by mistake, those drivers don’t really confirm who’s signing as long as someone signs.

What is with these drivers?!

Ugh. I hate this signature policy where they can get any nearby person to sign for it. What do they think is going to happen? I’m honestly not sure why Framework allows FedEx to do this.

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FedEx is using an “indirect signature policy”. The policy lets them get a signature from anyone at the delivery address or even a neighbor’s address. “Hey, I’m delivering a $2000 laptop to a house nearby. Would you mind signing for it?”.

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I am extremely relieved to report that my laptop was delivered by a gentleman. It had indeed been dropped off at the wrong address at a bunch of houses rather than my apartment complex. Not sure how it ended up so far away or what happened with the signature but at least they drove out to bring it to me. Very thankful!


Delivery was due today before 12:30pm. It’s now 17:40, I’ve had to cancel 2 meetings and Fedex says that it’s still in “Ridgmont”, which is more than 300 miles away but still says that it’ll be delivered by the end of the day (8pm). The travel information seems pretty nonsensical, with it apparently going from Taiwan to the Philippines to UK, back to Taiwan then to India, UAE, France and then the UK again.

If I can get my delivery address changed, then I can go visit my parents’ (who are pensioners) home without worry of missing the delivery. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available to me for some reason.
I’ve tried contacting them via website chat & phone, but they block anyone who isn’t an account holder from talking to a human being.

All the tasks I had scheduled for today will now have to be packed into tomorrow, leaving me without the necessary rest time that I’d allocated before attending social events on Saturday (i have multiple health conditions). This might mess up my whole week. :upside_down_face:

Edit: if fedex contacted me to say that they can’t deliver it until tomorrow, Saturday or even Monday that would be fine because then I’d be able to plan around it. urgh

Still waiting for clearance from imports since may 28. How long it usually takes?



Starting to hate FedEx :rage:

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Got mine since a week, it was just a pleasure to follow the guide, install Fedora and then Hyprland as tilling window manager

very happy about the delivery, hardware and the overall experience !

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I’ve had mine since Wednesday. Installed Ubuntu 24.04 on it (along with Windows, just in case I ever need it). No problems whatsoever. No keyboard flex, no screen distortion, the spacers are even with the trackpad module, and every piece works. I’m very happy with it, at least so far. :smile:


1 week, still waiting on fedex. Opened up a support case with framework, no response :smiling_face_with_tear:

I received last Monday my laptop of batch 17. I wanted to share my feedback after the first hours of use:

My config

  • Ryzen7 DIY, RAM and storage are part of my order
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB storage
  • white keyboard & numpad
  • expansion cards: 2xUSB-C, 2xUSB-A, audio, HDMI, ethernet
  • no OS, install Ubuntu 24.04

Unboxing experience

  • packaging well suited to the laptop. Efficiently protects all the elements that I ordered


  • very easy. Only took 30 minutes, mainly because I wanted to be accurate when mounting the touchpad and spacers. Pleasant experience to have the hand in the hardware.

  • Magnetic clips for bezel, keyboards, numpad are just GREAT.

  • Nice to see the names of the Framework team members printed on the mid-plate, this product is also about a mindset and… I just like it.

Quality and external aspect

  • in overall, thinner than I expected in regards to the constraints of modularity that it addresses. The laptop looks robust, and the quality of finish sounds good.

  • spacers and touchpad: no bending issue, good fitting spacers/touchpad. Whether I was lucky ? May be, but I rather think they started to address the issue raised in previous batches and my unit is pretty good with that. Sure, still if you look intensively at it, you notice there are spacers, but… that’s a good reminder this laptop is modular. So I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

First boot

  • training RAM took like 20 sec, as I expected by reading the forums before for a single RAM stick.
  • the BIOS gave me clear indication about unplugged mid-plate wire (my bad, could easily arranged that)

OS installation / BIOS updates

  • I followed the process for Ubuntu 24.04 installation and BIOS updates → no issue
  • REALLY appreciated their guidelines to install Ubuntu in an “official” way. Sooo better than other big tech forcing you to Windows…

Performance and use

  • did not have time enough to use my laptop extensively, but my feeling is that my hardware overkills all the simple tasks I submitted so far. So, that’s cool.

  • at low CPU load, the cooling looks efficient. I notice there is even no fans spinning most of the time for a low or mild CPU load. The lower surface of the laptop seems to evacuate a big part of the heat flux quite uniformly in a passive way → saves energy in this case of usage.

  • noticed the 180W external power supply remains cold in case of usage at low loads → good yield

  • experience at high CPU loads: can’t say, not tested yet :slight_smile:

  • at boot, noticed some time taken by the BIOS. I don’t think it is an issue of RAM training since the Framework splashscreen appears. But OK, then Ubuntu is loading almost instantly, and is immediately ready.

  • noticed a short moment my touchpad stopped working (my BIOS was up-to-date). Looks very casual or exception and software-related, I could not reproduce the issue another time

  • no issues then

Expansion cards

  • I was not thinking I would really need the concept of swapping cards, but at use, it proved that… yes, it is good to have to change my ethernet for a USB-A

Conclusion at my beginnings with the FW16
Very impressed by this laptop. My feeling is that Framework did VERY BIG with the FW16. It meets their promises in terms of modularity, openness, and delivery with their last monthes production ramp-up. Can’t figure out how a company of this scale could have managed to achieve this to an accessible price for the end user, but they actually did and it is there…

I am happy to have received a product like this, beyond all I could imagine feasible in terms of modularity, sustainability and openness.

Will see with time, but from what I experienced so far, I start to like love this laptop.

I hope it will continue like this, and wish all of you the same great experience with the FW16 :slight_smile:


Same here, no issues, and I was looking for them. No keyboard flex either, or really any other issues at all. :heart:

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Just note got mine on Sunday and very happy with except for hibernation/suspend - possibly kernel issues - screen goes black about 10s after resuming and starts booting up

(link to other post)
Brief summary on another blog

Hah got mine a while ago and was so excited by it I forgot all about this channel.

Well it’s great it works as expected and everything is wonderful

I’m not sure how to program the macropad and how to do some of the things I want with it. And I want to find stickers for it. But otherwise I am really liking it all.

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My one was scheduled to deliver on June 3th with FedEx here in Bavaria. Today i got a call from them that they lost my package …

So it runs fine - got mail on 18th of may, delivery note on 27th an since the 29th of may it was waiting for delivery on monday the 3th in the local fedex station !

So now i’am paid much money and have to run for that.
No reaction from framework since thursday when i reclaim this !
The answer from fedex was that they will see what they can do …

Maybe i will back on Guild35 or 50 …