FW16 Batch 17 Guild

Hopefully we will get ours by July!
Of all the (mostly minor) flaws seen in the pre-production units, I hope they get the keyboard flex fixed for our batch!


I’m going to be naively optimistic that they can ramp up and actually get them to us earlier than that, but it does seem unlikely given the progress so far with the previous batches.

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Just hoping it arrives before the Fall semester.


I don’t want to jinx it, but I think that you’ll get it by then (probably in the Summer).

Chose framework 16 between a macbook and a zephyrus G14. :slight_smile: hopefully we’ll get them before june

This is crazy. 17 batches in queue and FW only started shipping Batch 1 ? I better put my deposit down if I want the order to arrive by October.

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Greetings fellow batch 17 sufferers!
I’m so excited about this, I can’t stop reading these forums.
I haven’t built a new computer for myself for 25yrs. Before that I built every machine I ever had since my first 286. My most recent machine has been a 13-year-old ASUS laptop (i5 Linux Mint) which failed recently for burnt power connection on MB. So now I have only a Pixel 6pro to play with… :face_with_head_bandage:
I have dreamed of a reparable/upgradable laptop platform since I threw away the first of many laptops that I could no longer patch together…
I love the Framework business model and support sustainable hardware so I am going way out of budget to put my money into what may be the last laptop I ever need.
I’m hoping for an RGB numpad upgrade because that is the only thing that will make this machine more perfect for me. I would also like to see some one piece Tracpad modules in various configurations but I am confident they will along come in time.


I had been following FW since the LTT investment, but had no hopes of getting anything because 13 was too small, and then when 16 was announced, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for my first AMD experience. But then I got more antsy, but I’m in school so I didn’t want to drop that much money. As I get closer to graduating though, my wife said it would be worth it, and I’ve wanted this for about a year now since the announcement, so I got a pre-order! Only to realize just how long that meant it would be before getting one. Here’s Hoping for early summer!


My hope is that once production does start up (consistently), it will go pretty fast. But who knows.

I’m starting to do more AI stuff, photogrammetry, and video editing for work. They gave me a 2013 MacPro (Trash Can model) which is… functional. I’m hoping this Framework 16 can blow it out of the water and bring my renders under an hour.
Going to give my Framework 13 (i5 11Gen, Batch 4) to a family member who needs it.
:sweat_smile: :clock1: :crossed_fingers: :computer:

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I’ve come here to suffer with all of you :slight_smile: at least now i know I’m not alone

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Throwing my hat into the ring on Batch 17, if only to show “Hey we exist.”


Might as well throw mine out there to get in on all the fun the other batches are having.
Framework: Ryzen™ 7 7840HS, + AMD Radeon™ RX 7700S
Keyboard: US English
Numpad Module
Expansion Cards: 2 x USB-A, 3 x USB-C, HDMI
Bezel: Black
Power Adapter: US/CA
Newegg : 2x16 GB Crucial DDR5-5600 SODIMM, 1 TB WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe

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Also, I keep seeing a lot of “Can’t wait for mine to get here, this is the worst thing ever!!! :rage: :tired_face: But at least I’m not like one of those Batch 17ers.” It’s great getting to see everyone freaking out because they might get it this week or 3 weeks from now, and we get to just chill out here and let all the bugs work out, let the manufacturing and shipping processes smooth out, and get a wonderful treat in July/August/September. :sunglasses: We’re the patient group that gets to just relax while they fight about Batch 2 orders shipping before some Batch 1. Really at each other’s throats there. :joy:


Deposit made 2 days ago. Aiming for beginning Oct delivery. When I looked at the FW13 last year, I placed my order in April 1st and it arrived Nov 12th. This was Batch 3 !!! I wonder what is going to happen with FW16 deliveries when they said Batch 17 for Q2 delivery? How does this add up?

We try to keep it classy over here. Any one else got some good memes?



I could’ve been a contender… For batch 16, that is.

When I placed my order it look like it was going to be a batch 16, but the confirmation said batch 17… I went back to the order page the next day and it still said they would building batch 16. So I think I’ve been skunked!
No big thing, just another couple weeks of misery… :face_with_head_bandage::joy:

Well, I have good news, and bad news!

The good news: I just Logged into my framework account to look at the invoice so I could copy/paste the configuration to this forum like Kevin Umphrey did. Much to my surprise, it now says batch 16!

The bad news: [sarcasm] I am now too good for all of you batch 17 sufferers! So I will have to go and commiserate with my brethren in the batch 16 misery thread…
[/Sarcasm] :laughing:
Seriously people, check your order sheet. I’m positive that mine said batch 17 initially because I was kind of bummed thinking that I should have been batch 16.

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batch 17 enjoyer reporting in


Out of curiosity, how many units in a batch?

Nobody except Framework knows. There are rumoured guesses of 1500-2000.