FW16 Batch 17 Guild

mine sats MAY! lets gooooo


I’ll believe it when I see it.
My bet is still on mid June and anything earlier is just a pleasant surprise.

I’ll crank out some more memes while I wait…

Screenshot from 2024-04-24 14-23-45


Just thought I would make a comment, I just ordered from batch 20 the other day, looking very forward to getting the email some day in the semi near future. I have been following Framework for a while very excited!

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Same! for me in batch 17 it ships in may! :grin: hopefully early may!

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I just thought you might appreciate this:

Estimates based on previous batches (excluding 1-3) and showing the very earliest dates of email (blue), card charged (yellow) and laptop arrived (green)


Thank you for sharing, very appreciated

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We all have things that keep us up at night…


From what I’ve heard, they have started sending them in the most recent batches, but that could have been a fluke.

Batch 16 should be getting their emails this week, and then we’re next…

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hell yeah I´m hyped I was lurking in this thread all the time for new´s and to see people suffer so I know I´m not the only one :smiley: now is our time boys

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I’m from Batch 16 and we just got our emails!!! Wooo! You’re next, Batch 17!


Would we get the keyboard pads on this batch or?

While “you’re next” is usually followed by something horrific in a scary movie, I’m getting a good feeling this time around.


Ah, nothing like waking up, drinking some coffee, and reading my current favorite niche online forum.
:grin: :coffee: :computer:



3 days since batch 16 started receiving preparatory emails. Is today our day? Tomorrow? Arrgh! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!


Still debating whether to switch to a blank ISO keyboard (to avoid the windows key)
I guess I’ll have to decide soon…

why not take a linux one then with a “super” key?

I am batch 17 too, and just discovered this discussion.
Even waiting for my FW16 is an experience I like. First mail should come soon, fingercross :crossed_fingers: