FW16 Batch 17 Guild

whats wrong with the windows key?

I’m British so don’t really want an ANSI layout

Welcome to the club! We should start getting the batch preparation emails in about a week.

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Should be a bit sooner surely, given batch 16 was already 3 days ago?

Batch 16 charged

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Batch 17 just got my preparing email! It’s happening!! :exploding_head:

Got my email too! It’s happening!



Nice! I’m waiting, and this is the first time ever I’m excited to get charged lol. :slight_smile:

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Got my batch preparation email! I’m so excited! This was sooner than I’d expected, but I’ve never been so happy to be told “we are charging you £xxxx” hahaha. My poor 7-year-old laptop is truly on its last legs.

There goes my life savings o7


Mine too, my old Lenovo Yoga 920 I bought in 2018 has two broken fans, a broken touchscreen and the screen itself is cracked. It’s about time.

I’m on a 10 year old Asus laptop, a lot of the parts in here aren’t original but it still mostly works (as long as it’s connected to power at all times…)


And I thought my five-year-old Thinkpad was pushing it. :roll_eyes: It does still work, just significantly more slowly than the Framework should.


Mine’s preparing for takeoff as I casually browse the web. I’ve heard not wonderful things about the FW16 fans, but at least it will be able to do something with all that cooling, and it still has support unlike the “throw it in the bin with the other 17 we released that year” Dell I have.

Also just received my preparation e-mail☺

(My old 13years dell inspiron did not survive this FW16 waiting period… only my smartphone remains for writing message)

emails are going out ???

There are very few emails in ones inbox that brings this much joy! :wink: @arthomnix