FW16 Batch 19 Guild

Trying out Bazzite for now. May end up having Windows be necessary for some things but hoping I can keep Linux as my primary OS :slight_smile:

On my main computer I repurposed an old SSD for a Windows VM, it boots in 5 seconds tops.

I might buy a small NVMe I left unpopulated inside the framework for a Windows VM, although the only software I use is Affinity suite.

I use a sync client to sync files between my computer and the laptop… not tested enough yet as it’s been only a few hours hahaha - might try Syncthing and use Wireguard for when I’m not at home too… but I believe the home computer needs to stay turned on for syncthing to work… which could be a turn off.

Alternative: sync.com seems nice and affordable, not sure how well it would play with a VM file - but only 1 instance of the VM would need to be turned on at any time, else I believe it would corrupt the file or something.

How do you like Bazzite so far ? I personnaly don’t really understand that whole UniversalBlue thing.

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Day 1 FW16 rating: 9/10. Keyboard is good, screen looks great, very smooth setup process, no serious issues at all. Very minor issue that the track pad spacers are very very slightly out of wack but I think if I find a way to stick something under them that’s the right height it’ll be perfect.

So far I’m loving it. Very painless to install and has some things that cater to my occasional gaming requirements. I don’t know much about UniversalBlue either except that in the future if I did want to change things up it could potentially make it very easy. I’m very much a Linux noob (have a little experience with some servers through work but it’s never been my primary PC) so this is a pretty friendly way to dip my toes in the water. I already don’t see myself going back, though it’ll take a little while to de-Windows myself. :slight_smile:


The longest part about the DIY edition is to unscrew and screw back the 17 screws in order, other than that, 3 minutes is all that is needed.

Same, both spacers are a little bent diagonally so two corners pop up a bit (one on each side), I’ll try and take a picture later, but I mean, I don’t see it when I don’t look at it.

Welcome to Linux ! I started with Linux Mint 20 years ago, then distro hopped a bit and landed on Fedora (been on Fedora for at least 5 years now I think)… Glad you are enjoying it :smiley:

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Ordered April fourth, arrived in germany yesterday.


How long has it been since the charge was made?

Received mine Monday (06/10) and finally got to play with it (work + 2mo old really commands a lot of attention :sweat_smile:).

Build quality, size, and weight all met or exceeded expectations. Only thing I may open a case for with support is the trackpad doesn’t sit flush and may be slightly warped.

Keyboard feels good and the RGB is great! LED Matrix spacers are fun and I’m hoping continue to improve from the beta software. Display is fantastic! Great brightness and size. Had a loose cable that since reseating hasn’t been an issue.

DIY setup was easy, fun, and took less than 30 minutes. Windows 11 install went well as well. Haven’t delved into Linux but will make it a project eventually. Already have steam installed and excited to see how games perform.

Cheers all! Have loved taking this journey with you all and looking forward to continue to engage with such a great community as framework owners.


Charged: 2024-06-04 (the same moment as rest of Batch 19)
Shipped: 2024-06-07
Arrived to Poland: 2024-06-10


It’s here, it’s gorgeous.

Ubuntu up and running! Took me about two hours from unboxing to installing the os.


That’s really fast! Congratulations!
I’m waiting in Poland too, but it’s been a week since the debit date and I haven’t even gotten a shipping letter yet

Hellz yeah. Got it.

Only issue is a detached piece of plastic under one of the fans, that makes noise when moving the laptop around. Rest is great.


Got my machine three days ago but only had a chance to unbox yesterday.

Question 1: Mami was cool for about three seconds, then in a ‘teachable moment’ gone wrong, we pulled too hard in 6 Disconnect Mid Plate Cable in the Quick Start Guide. The part is replaceable but I ‘[defeated] the protective adhesive,’ and I’m ‘putting extra wear on the zif connection.’ Will this be a weak point in the machine, and if so is there a fix?

Question 2: Inspired by 19 Guild discussions I want to run both Windows 11 and Ubuntu. Does anyone have a how-to reco for this? Any thoughts or links on Ubuntu 24.04 vs 22.04?

took me an embarrassingly long time to realise the orange part of the switches on the webcam/mic mean theyre off…

i have another device that has a light on when its on/recording, so i intuitively thought it was like that on the fw16


Quick update: Bazzite has been very easy for me, pretty much plug and play for everything. Had to learn some wine prefix stuff to run an x32 application but that’s about the only time I’ve needed to use the console.

Runs great for my dev work so far. I didn’t realize how clunky my old computer was starting to feel, this is so slick. I do genuinely like the keyboard, a bit subjective but I rate it like an 8/10 for laptop keyboards.

Gaming performance wise, it’s pretty slick. Haven’t had a lot of time for gaming but I’ve booted up a few things just to kind of get a feel. Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to run pretty well at high settings, heavily modded Kerbal Space Program is beautiful and running great (so glad I went for 32 gigs of RAM), and I’m hoping to play a little Helldivers 2 tonight. That’s about the heaviest I’ll do, I mostly play '90s strategy games. Anyone else running any games?

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I found this guide that look like it could work… I didn’t try to dual boot win 11 with *nix yet, YMMV (I use a Windows VM inside my Linux)

For question 1: I have no idea, but I appreciate the heads up, I will be careful with that cable :wink:

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The RGB keyboard looks dope… I wanted it, but I didn’t want a win$hit logo on my keyboard :joy:

dang i never thought this thread would get so many replies lol…


Thanks @Jer_Outsider - It does seem what you’re doing, Windows from Linux, is better than the other way around. Dual-boot seems to be the best way to run either system, but is clunky, and has hazards.

Unfortunately I need to optimize performance for some Windows programs. I loved the idea that FW is built/ optimzed for Linux but not sure if I can take advantage of that. Programmers dislike dual boot, also trash-talk Windows VSL, and talk about (it seems fewer) problems with virutal… This source really hates dual boot, interesting that most online content including your Linux link doesn’t mention those serious hazards - I copied them below.

I’d like to move away from Windows, need to give this more research, though I would love to find a standard answer and just follow directions.

Dual boot critique

  • Managing partitions and boot loaders can be difficult and time-consuming unless you have a lot of experience with it.
  • It's easy to break the boot environnment, losing access to one or even both of your operating systems.
  • Recovering from a broken boot environment can be extremely difficult, and it's possible to break things even more.
  • Sharing files between the two operating systems can be problematic, and one OS can quite easily damage another one's system files.
  • Removing an unwanted dual-boot OS can be difficult, and often the disk space can only be reclaimed as a separate drive letter under windows.

a couple of those seem specific to using two partitions on one physical drive. as the framework 16 has two drive slots, you can have one os on each drive. removing an unwanted os is as simple as removing the drive

Hi ShadowBlade!

Thank you for that pointer! Do you know which risks would still be a concern?