FW16 Batch 19 Guild

I thought I would start it early, ordered mine today. Waiting patiently.
Batch 19 gang wya?


Me too! Curious when “Q2” is in this case cuz we’re in Q2 now–waiting patiently as well.

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The discord server is saying before August, likely around June.

Uh…that’s kinda far from now. Was hoping by end of month or next…
Also June is the end of Q2 so any longer would be beyond the listed date which would be not good

If production continues as is and they follow their current trend, we may get lucky and actually get ours in Q2. Hopefully they can ramp up production and make that goal more achievable. I’ve been spying on the other guilds and it seems they are at about a batch every 7 days (ish). We’ll see :slight_smile:

That was just an assumption by a community member by the way, not based on an official announcement.

Also, what’s up Batch 19 guild? Are we excited? Waiting patiently? Checking other guild threads to see what’s happening?


SUPER excited!! Really looking forward to getting my hands on something so modular and upgradable. I’ve been all over the Framework community and subreddit now that I’ve committed to the FW 16" w/GPU.

Question @Destroya - I ordered both the Expansion Bay Shell and the Expansion Bay GPU. How does Framework recommend storing the Expansion Bay that is not being used? Specifically, if I remove the GPU expansion, how should I store it for safe keeping? TIA!

Really hoping this ships on the early side. I don’t exactly need it by early may, but it would be nice to have it for an event. I do know however that’s a bit of a pipe dream. Anyways super excited for my new laptop!
(Also I’m new here, so I apologies if I did something wrong)

Happy to hear that you are excited! I’ll ask around if we have any recommendations for storing the GPU or the Shell.


You might want to check this project out.

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Thanks Alan_Pearce!

19 seems so far ahead ! But very excited !
I have a lot of project ideas for the USB C extensions

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Already emails have started for batch 10… halfway there? :>

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The excitement is building every time a new batch gets an email!

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Could not be more accurate!
It seems like we are finally getting to a point where it’s starting to ship quickly and closer to the estimates.

For real!!! I’m already working out my NixOS config with help from the earlier batches I can’t wait!

I plan to run Debian Testing and use it for work. :slight_smile:
Having an AMD gpu is amazing for me since I have some vulkan projects ongoing !

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Well I guess no one has started yet so I’ll go first with my order:

CPU: 7840HS

  • lower power comsumption = more battery
  • probably going to upgrade to the next mainboard when it starts preorder sometime
  • dont really need that extra squeeze of performance even when gaming

ram: 64gb 5600mhz crucial (bought separately)
Expansion bay: 7700s for gaming
storage: 2tb sn770 (bought separately)
2 lavendar spacers
lavendar bezel
1x audio jack
2x usb-c
2x usb-a
1x displayport
korean keyboard


Nice, that’s all some great stuff, I am curious about why you went for 64gb of ram though. DDR5 is so fast, and most programs don’t really need that much, so 32gb is plenty for most people.

Also, might as well share my order:
Ryzen™ 9 7940HS
DDR5-5600 - 32GB
WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 1TB
AMD Radeon™ RX 7700S
Normal bezels and spacers
1 audio
2 USB-a

Went for the specs my college recommended, for the class I am taking.