FW16 Batch 21 Guild

they should ship soon :slight_smile:


Not to be impatient or anything XD.
Are we talking about ‘tomorrow’ or more like ‘next week’?

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we don’t ship all of them at once so it’s hard to say :wink:


I’ll keep an eye out for it!

Anybody get any indication of shipment yet?

not yet, and since its almost midnight in taiwan id be surprised if they ship before monday

One person has received a FedEx shipping notification, but from FedEx themselves rather than Framework.

So at least they are printing labels. I wonder if any boxes of joy are actually on a fedex truck/plane.

I cleared my schedule for the entire weekend next weekend to do the build and setup. As long as they ship monday or tuesday I think I’ll be happy.

This didn’t age well: FW16 Batch 21 Guild - #12 by Edman545

I looked at my fedex account. No label created yet.

I have it on good authority the more times you refresh the order status page, the faster it will ship

(this is a joke, please don’t do that)

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Both frame.work and clicks.tech have taught me patience; having made me realize the absurdity of expecting 1- or 2-day shipping on everything you buy online, and for that I am grateful.

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i keep checking my e-mail for that sweet shipping notification or even just an update. im excited.

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just got my shipping email! there’s no delivery estimate but it’s made it to Alaska


I ordered a macro pad seperate AFTER my card was charged for the laptop, and I got the tracking on that already. It’s actually shipping USPS from new jersey.

That was a big letdown seeing a framework tracking notification and it not being the laptop.


I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Still have not gotten any tracking/shipment notification :frowning:

Got tracking info on Friday. Stuck in Anchorage atm.

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No tracking for me yet, Can’t imagine anything happens over the weekend, I’m thinking that tomorrow might be the day, maybe, hopefully…

Taiwan is around 12 to 15 hours ahead of the US depending on your time zone, so maybe later today hopefully

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I’m UK so 8 or so hours for me, will probably be asleep before anything happens. hopefully I wake up to some good news!