FW16 Batch 21 Guild

So I have an existing 128gb 2280 drive i’m going to re-use, and I just bought a 1 tb 2230 drive. Feels wrong somehow having the physically larger drive be a lower capacity than the physically smaller drive.

I ordered mine on friday. went with Ryzen 7 + dgpu, 16gb ram (amazon), 1tb ssd(amazon), num pad
ports: 2x usb-c, 2x usb-a, 1x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm

I ordered mine on Sunday. I got 32GB DDR5 from Amazon, a Kingston 500GB SSD from target. I also got both the expansion bay shell and dgpu.

Ordered my first FW laptop the other day, so I’m in this batch. The main stand-out thing is I went for the GPU expansion because I might use it to do some video editing on the go, but also some light gaming.

Ordered mine on Monday. I had hoped I would get the “your card will be charged” almost immediatly, as first 21 people got it on friday but no luck…

I ordered my batch 21 on the 1st of june, also no card charged yet…

I was about to say the same but I literally just (like 6 mins ago) got the your card will be charged email. can’t wait for it to get here

Received email as well…

I guess we needed to remind framework they still had to sent the last batch :slight_smile:

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My card has been charged

Card charged!

Same here, just got charged

4 hours ago i got my prep email!!!

Got my Email. Also, Last Pre-Order Batch x.com

Damn, I’m jealous. Still waiting here

I got mine too and the card was charged.

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just kidding, congrats y’all!!

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I haven’t received the tracking email… hopefully I get it today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

I don’t think any batch 21’s have shipped yet, cards have been charged but shipping still seems to be at batch 20

That makes sense. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see