FW16 USB4 PCIe chassis/enclosure


I’m looking to see if its possible to get a Blackmagic Decklink card connected to my FW16.

My initial thought is to look for a USB4 PCIe expansion chassis, and there doesn’t seem to be anything clear about what would be compatible with the FW16.

So here’s the question. Has anyone got an expansion chassis working?



You mean something like an eGPU dock (but not necessarily for a GPU)? I know there’s a few people who have gotten eGPUs to work. I think two people used the Razer Core dock. I would think you could use them for other PCIE cards.

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How much data throughput do you need with that PCIe card?
Although USB 4 says it is 40Gbps. When used for PCIe over USB, the actual throughput achieved is less due to PCIe over USB overheads. Maybe 32Gbps or something like that.
Another alternative is using oculink.
Some people are looking at adding oculink connectors to the FW16.
So, if you need more data throughput, look into oculink.

The data throughput of the Decklink duo 2 card that I’m looking at is 12-16Gbps depeding on who you ask, many sources on the web states that USB4 is basically TB3 ‘mostly’ and understandably they aren’t going to give a hard yes to compatibility on something that they haven’t tested.

I’m just desperate to not go buy an enclosure and find its a dud, and I have actually acquired a relatively expensive paperweight.

With regards to the Occulink, I think I would want to keep the GPU module in, otherwise I’ll be finding myself spending money on an external GPU also!



The “Decklink duo 2”, according to their website is “PCI Express 4 lane generation 2”
The FW16 PCIE over USB is 4 lane, gen 4 so it should be fine for what you need.
USB4 is mostly the same as Thunderbolt 4 and is compatible with Thunderbolt 3.
So, if you get a USB4 or Thunderbolt enclosure for your Decklink duo 2, you should be OK.
Note, the above is according to various USB4 / Thunderbolt documents so in theory it should work. I don’t actually have a USB4 / Thunderbolt enclosure myself, so cannot give 100% certainty.