Is anybody working on an adapter for the graphics module?

Just wondering if anyone is working on something like an m.2 or oculink type adapter that would allow using the GPU in other machines or with the Laptop 13?

So something akin to an eGPU but using the FW16 RX 7700S? I don’t think anyone has started designing something like that. Unfortunately the RX 7700S isn’t that powerful and you’d be better off using a desktop eGPU.

Yea, essentially. Just curious for other project I have in mind where a desktop GPU isn’t appropriate. It’s also very compact, so could make for a very portable eGPU if that’s what you wanted - the OneXGPU is only a 7600M for example.

While I don’t think the RX 7700S is a good fit for an eGPU, especially since it’s a laptop GPU, I do like this idea for being able to expand the FW13 or for using it in a more desktop like setup. I think something like the Cooler Master case but for the FW16 would need to be able to accommodate the FW GPU. This way if you upgrade your FW16 and chose to go a mini server or something you can reuse the GPU.

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I think there is a bigger market than you might think for laptop sized GPUs as an eGPU!

I think designing a case shouldn’t bee too hard, if you just kept the main board and GPU in the same place so could use the existing connector. It’s a more involved job designing your own PCB to connect up with it though!

I’ve been curious about this actually. I’ve been meaning to get an egpu with at least 8gb RAM for local inferencing. Would be nice to have a diy upgradeable one

Have you seen this thread:

It might be what you are after.

As far as I’m aware this is a mainboard>Oculink adapter? It doesn’t involve the existing GPU.

That something i would want to do, but i don’t have any egeneering background or electronic skills for now. But i do have spare desktop GPUs that i want to try to use on my Framework Laptop 16. For some reason i saw this hole in the expention bay that fit a pcie connector :eyes:

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