3D-printable Expansion Card Holder

Since we have a bunch of Expansion Card prototypes floating around, I made a simple Expansion Card holder to organize them on my desk. The attached .stl file is easy to 3D print on any home 3D printer or 3D printing service like Shapeways. You can also use OpenSCAD to modify the .scad file to extend it support to more or fewer cards.

expansion_card_holder.stl (110.0 KB) expansion_card_holder.scad (1.6 KB)


That’s awesome :grin: totally trying that.

openscad is very cool, hoping you release those for all your models.

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I wonder if we can make a lid and take all extension cards to go.

So, I did a little edit of the .scad file as a mini-project since I’ve been wanting to learn OpenSCAD for a while. I moved some variables around and created a new module for a top. It doesn’t have any latching mechanism right now, but I’ve got a staycation next week and besides playing Valheim won’t have much else to do so I’ll work on that (hopefully). My first print was something of a test, came up 2mm short for the top because I did my math wrong. These files have been fixed so the gap pictured (shouldn’t?) be there.

expansion_card_holder (edit).scad (2.4 KB)
expansion_card_holder (edit).stl (88.0 KB)


Stumbled on this thread by chance, but glad I did. 3D printed the holder and it turned out great! A straightforward minimalist option for DIYers, love it.

Hi @JP_Powers ,
I have used the “fixed” STL, but the gap still exists, it’s around 1mm.


That’s strange. I’ve re-rendered it and I’m attaching a new copy. However, before trying it, to maybe save you some time, I did redownload my earlier version, and checked the Z height in PrusaSlicer again. It shows as 26mm to me. Same as the re-rendered version attached here. I used my digital calibers to check the one I printed (photo below) and it also shows as 26mm.

The reason I’m suggesting this is it does look like the STL I uploaded is the same I printed, and mine is very accurate. I wonder if your slicer is configured incorrectly or your printer is not dimensionally accurate in the Z axis? I can’t imagine how it could be so far misconfigured or inaccurate, it’s clearly a large gap that I can’t explain otherwise, but it’s the only explanation I can think of assuming there isn’t some error else where, such as on my side. Could be the earlier upload isn’t right but my browser is caching it as my updated version or something.

Anyways, check the Z height of the original file in your slicer, measure your print if you can, and if they are not within the Z accuracy of your printer you may have something wrong, else check the updated version below and let me know.

expansion_card_holder (edit).stl (88.0 KB)