Gaming laptop?

Do Framework plan to work on a gaming laptop in the future?


While I’m unsure of your original question, what I think will work is an external graphics card via thunderbolt. Which frankly, is the best of both worlds for me. A fast portable laptop on the go, and a potential work horse when at the desk at home


It’s a great question. We aren’t announcing any future products any time soon, since we are fully focused on making the Framework Laptop and ecosystem around it solid. That is absolutely an interesting product category to make upgradeable and repairable though.

Yes, eGPUs should work well as a way to balance portability and graphics performance. We do want to build up a list of “known working” eGPU setups over time. is a great reference in the meantime for enclosures:


I think that that is a great idea. I would personally like to see in perhaps a generation or so of this line of computers to come out with internal GPU support. I think many people who do not invest in monitors would also like to see 17" screens as well.

As someone who wants power, I don’t particularly value micro-computers that aren’t very fast. I think a hypothetical Framework Gaming computer, would have lots of heatsinks, possibly ddr5 RAM, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, adequate cooling, and a high refresh screen.

I would love to see this too @Kuo_Liang_Multimedia, but I believe it is quite a bit off. For one, Framework hasn’t even seen the reception of their first computer; a small 13.5" ultra-portable computer. Maybe in 2 or 3 generations.


Does this mean Thunderbolt 3/4 is confirmed for this laptop? I already have an eGPU setup and this is the one spec I’m waiting for. So far I have only seen confirmation that this will support regular USB-C.

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We can’t officially state support until we complete certifications.


Was hoping this would be clarified before pre-orders started, but I guess I’ll wait. I assume Framework would need to release a thunderbolt expansion card b

They probably would not need to release separate Thunderbolt expansion cards since Thunderbolt 4 is just a certification of a higher minimum spec of USB 4.

Framework must prioritize the success of this product which has the biggest potential market, with a mass appeal to everyday laptop users. Once it’s a success, Framework can expand to cater to more specialized needs such as gaming. Intel’s chips have some strong graphics power, but what us gamers want is a fast response time and higher refresh rate display. Gamers like me, who care about the environment and right to repair, are rooting for Framework’s success.