Plans for Framework Gaming Laptop?


I love this current laptop that’s available and half tempted to get one as soon as I am able to! That being said, I’m a streamer and gamer by heart and even though I know that the new Rocket Lake CPUs from Intel are fantastic on their own, I would love to be able to use the Ampere architecture from NVIDIA for when I stream on the go, or run a stream in a different room from my main setup.

So my question for the Framework team is: are there plans to make a gaming oriented chassis? And if so, how far down the road are we looking for something like this to come into fruition? Personally, I’m willing to wait a couple of years for something like this to exist. The idea of being able to fully upgrade a gaming laptop has been something I’ve been dreaming of doing for over 7 years and seeing this laptop existing now, it makes me pumped to see what else is in store!


Exactly! A customizable gaming laptop with a thick chassis was all I ever wanted.

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Or just use an eGPU? Don’t expect new designs for at least a year if not longer

There has been talk of framework exposing a PCIe link internally which look interesting as wellSnap on MXM eGPU

@GhostLegion That completely defeats the purpose. I have a desktop computer with a desktop-grade GPU, why would I spend $2000 just to have that but I can’t do game development or machine learning work on the go due to an anemic iGPU? I NEED a dedicated GPU for a laptop, that’s a non-negotiable for me when shopping for a machine that can do the work I need on the go

Depends on whose purpose. It would suit mine just fine. But then, I’m a filthy casual. I’m not doing real work just gaming…which is what this thread is about. An eGPU would serve that purpose just fine.

Then Framework unfortunately doesn’t meet your needs atm. :man_shrugging:

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Hoping this is the right thread. Im really thinking about getting a Framework because i need a new laptop. My only concern being it doesnt have a solid GPU. Is the iris specifically able to handle RuneScape and WoW. Those being the only two games i play?

Definitely. I don’t recall Runescape being that graphically intensive and I know that my fiancee has played WoW classic at least on a 10th gen iGPU.


It really isnt. WoW was more my concern. I just wanted to be sure beforehand cause these arent cheap lmao

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