Plans for Framework Gaming Laptop?


I love this current laptop that’s available and half tempted to get one as soon as I am able to! That being said, I’m a streamer and gamer by heart and even though I know that the new Rocket Lake CPUs from Intel are fantastic on their own, I would love to be able to use the Ampere architecture from NVIDIA for when I stream on the go, or run a stream in a different room from my main setup.

So my question for the Framework team is: are there plans to make a gaming oriented chassis? And if so, how far down the road are we looking for something like this to come into fruition? Personally, I’m willing to wait a couple of years for something like this to exist. The idea of being able to fully upgrade a gaming laptop has been something I’ve been dreaming of doing for over 7 years and seeing this laptop existing now, it makes me pumped to see what else is in store!


Exactly! A customizable gaming laptop with a thick chassis was all I ever wanted.

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Or just use an eGPU? Don’t expect new designs for at least a year if not longer

There has been talk of framework exposing a PCIe link internally which look interesting as wellSnap on MXM eGPU