Gen11 to gen12 motherboard upgrade: default boot device missing


I just upgraded my motherboard from gen11 to gen12.

In the gen12 BIOS I disabled Secure Boot like I did on the gen11.

However the BIOS ends up saying “Default boot device missing or Boot failed”, then I hit “ok” and go to the boot manager which shows no boot option.

If I explore the BIOS in security / select a uefi file as trusted for execution it sees the EFI partition and i can select EFI/debian/ and the various .efi files which I added to the database but still default boot device missing.

Any idea on what to try?

I followed Drive not bootable after BIOS update - #3 by acridwax and I got my boot back.

Feels bizarre to have the bios able to read and find the EFI partition but not being able by itself to add an entry …

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