Getting the glossy screen in Taiwan

I am interested in getting the Framework laptop 13 for my next laptop (or if a family member needs a new one as I’m kinda the family IT guy)

However I’ve noticed that the glossy display isn’t available in Taiwan. It shows that it’s “coming soon” in the marketplace.

When I switch to the US store, the glossy display is in stock over there.

I personally don’t really like matte displays and would like to know if the glossy option will be available for purchase in Taiwan in the future, or will I have to go to somewhere like Aliexpress to source it? (yes I know there are benefits to the matte finish but that’s a personal preference really)

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Framework has completely switched to matte for new laptops, so any glossy screens, I believe, are just left over stock. I would guess that they won’t get more or make it available to additional locations. Still, since the laptops are assembled in Taiwan it feels odd that you can’t order it there, as I would think that’s where the stock would be located. Maybe reach out to support about it.

If I recall, at one point at least “coming soon” was what the site said for many out-of-stock items, even if they are discontinued.


As far as we heard, there are probably different warehouses shipping to EU, US and Taiwan each. As the Taiwan warehouse is the newest, it likely haven’t had any chance to get stock of old/discontinued products.


That’s really a shame. Why would they do that? Glossy screens are better in every way except clear reflections. Easier to clean, look nicer, clearer image, etc.

I assume it’s because it appeals to a lot of causal users who use their laptops outside/bright light as well as business people. I wouldn’t say a glossy screen is easier to clean or has a clearer image. The biggest difference is colour vibrancy but that doesn’t matter to some people.


Depends on the screen. For example my old Dell XPS 13 had a solid (glossy) smartphone like glass pane as the front layer in the screen. Much easier to clean and much more robust than some thin, delicate plastic foil with coating.

That may be the case but on my Framework, cleaning the glossy display is about the same as cleaning my other laptops with a matte display.

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