GPU compatibility

Hello! So maybe i’m wrong but it seems to me that it is said that all GPUs should be compatible with the laptop, even non mobiles ones. Is it right? What are the limitations about that?

Practicality, and someone needs to be willing to make it.

It may be technically possible to make a 4090 module with a huge trunk that takes 4 200w power bricks but idk if someone would actually produce that and it’s pretty unlikely to be diy’d by a mere mortal.

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@Adrian_Joachim Is it possible that we have a mobile gpu which can be used on the go and when i’m home, i unplug it and “link” a non mobile gpu to it which uses a powersupply of my own. (or the laptop one if possible idk).

That’s allready possible with a egpu, not quite sure how hot-pluggable the gpu modules are going to be so you may need to shut down while swaping gpu but other than that I don’t see any limitation other than someone willing to make it.

The problem comes from the loss of performance it causes. Try to use a RTX 4090 as an eGPU and you’ll see how big this bad idea is. The idea is to get an eGPU without the enclosure which costs tooooo much and without the loss of performance.

There is no free lunch but yeah an 8x (pcie4 or even 5) link is definitely going to bottleneck less than a 4x(pcie3) through tb but you don’t get the built in hotplug support of tb, win some loose some.

Ok good to know, hope it will be super hotplugable! (and not too expensive)

I am going 13" so I am stuck with tb anyway XD

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