Graphical glitches on boot (7840HS no dGPU)

Ever since I got this laptop sometimes while booting it causes some strange glitches, like it’s loosing sync

But this only happens during boot and stops once the OS is loaded (also happened with just Windows before I installed Fedora)

Is this a known issue? Did I setup something wrong?

Seems to have stopped since I upgraded the kernel to 6.8.4

I just received my laptop and the same thing is happening to me. It only happens during boot (once an os is loaded, even live ones, it goes away), and it happened before I even installed anything. I updated the BIOS to 3.03 and the kernel to 6.8.7 (using fedora 40) it still persist.

Edit: it doesn’t always happen, about half of the time

Just had it happen while entering BIOS, definitively has nothing to do with any OS then

It seems unrelated to OS. Glitches in grub would confirm the same, since the OS is not yet loaded.

Maybe the cable of the monitor is not well attached. You could try to open your laptop, detach the monitor cable and reattach it.

But a connection issue wouldn’t disappear once the driver loads right?

That is indeed surprising. Nevertheless, if I see screen flicker like this in bootloader and bios, I would suspect hardware, either broken or poorly connected. With a FW laptop this shouldn’t take too much time, right?

In other words, if it was my laptop, I would try it. :smiley:

I’ve been talking to support trying to diagnose the issue. It doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue since once the laptop is booted it works perfectly and there is no hint of a flicker. From looking at a verbose boot the point where it’s resolved is when the amdgpu driver is loaded. Up until now I did many things and none of them resolved it for now:

  • Update to the latest BIOS and AMD drivers
  • Download the drivers from the AMD website
  • Reattach the display cable and look for issues
  • Opened the mainboard and reseat the RAM and SSD
  • Tried to boot without any expansion card
  • Resetted the BIOS
  • Reinstalled the OS multiple times, it happens even without one installed

The last step was sending support a bunch of logs, but this was yesterday so I don’t expect to hear anything until next week. I have to say that support was very responsive and through, even if we didn’t find the issue yet, it was a very nice experience.

One question if you don’t mind, are you using the RAM/SSD bought from framework or a third party one? Also, you don’t have a dGPU either, right?

Any news I have on my front I’ll let you know

Wanted to but then it stopped happening, since it is back now I’ll try it once I’m home

The RAM I got from Framework (32GB), SSD I bought my own (SK hynix Gold P31 1TB)
And no, I don’t have the dGPU only the integrated one from the 7840HS

Ok, I asked because I am using ram from Crucial and I was worried that was the issue (it’s on the supported list but still), but if you are using the one from framework it makes it less likely. I also have no dGPU.
And mine come and goes, sometimes it boots 5 times without issue and then others it happens every time.