Strange display glitch/issue

The glitches are back :cry:
The bios update only gave me a temporary fix.

Original :
Hi, I have encountered a weird issue with the framework 16 display.
I’ve sent a support ticket but I post here too so there is a more public record of the issue.

The internal display started showing weird ghost lines flickering periodically (for a few seconds ~ every 1 to 3 second). The artifact appeared randomly while I was watching a youtube video with a bluetooth headphone connected and no other device connected to ports, laptop not plugged in.
From then, they were visible during boot, in the bios, and in the OS.
I tried a full cold boot after waiting 15min powered off and unplugged and the glitch were still there.
Plugging in external displays was fine and I took the time to update the bios from 3.02 to 3.03. The glitch disappeared during the bios update screen after the reboot. (I saw them very quickly when booting but then the update process started and they didn’t come back)
I hope it’s nothing to worry about.

Here is what it looks like (zoom in to see the glitch) :

Have you checked the display connector on the motherboard is in properly? My replacement arrived and as I was checking it over for faults I noticed the connector for the display wasn’t fully seated. Good thing I noticed it then as stripping to fault find and rebuild can get very tedious.

I didn’t have time to check yesterday but I checked this morning and the cable is properly seated.

And now the glitch stopped after ~4min of the laptop being on. No dmesg log or journalctl entry.
So, it seems to be a very random issue, it looks a lot like a faulty component somewhere along the internal display signal route that doesn’t behave as expected under very specific circumstances (sustained load maybe, as the glitches always appeared after being on for some times and disappeared close to booting).

If anyone has an idea of any other step to debug the issue I’m all ears.

The cable connection to the display is digital and the video of the problem show symptoms of either:

  1. digital cable intermittent fault.
  2. GPU bug
  3. Display panel fault.

Things to try:

  1. check the cable connection at the motherboard end, and also the display end. The FW16 has a connector each end. ← cable problems.
  2. try an external display and see if it has the same problem. ← gpu bug.
  3. If you are unable to resolve it yourself, contact FW support.