Guide to Running Qubes R4.1

With Framework, it is easy to substitute WiFi cards
I used Atheros QCNFA222

And finally, today, My Qubes suspended and came out of suspension.
However, the various sys VMs needed restarting, which means all of the VMs needed restarting. So not really a solution, but this was the first time I could unsuspend. Maybe I could keep vault running. I didn’t check carefully.
Here is my kernel
kernel-latest.x86_64 1000:5.18.16-1.fc32.qubes @qubes-dom0-cached

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I’ve made a post on the QubesOS forum for the 13th Gen Intel Framework 13s:

I detail how to get suspend/resume working.

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Suspend works with Qubes R4.2, at last.
Now to get audio working again.

Anyone got qubes going on AMD FW 13? How did you get the internet working? I can’t connect to either wifi or eth.