[RESPONDED] AMD FW13 Qubes Does Anyone Get Wifi/Internet Working?

How? My internet qube is all jacked up from birth, so can’t run ethernet nor wifi nor even start the internet qube.

We’ve seen issues with this distro in the past. As we do not test against it due to time, cycles, etc, we rely on the community for helping with untested distros. We do have this thread where the OP has had success with this distro in the past.

That’s a different laptop and a different release. I’m aware of that thread. I know that you rely on the community for helping with untested distros. That’s what this post on this forum (community) is for.

I successfully dual-booted qubesos and nixos on my 12th gen. Didn’t have any wifi issues luckily.

You oughta do a search on this forum for “AMD wifi”, you’ll find a whole lot of people complaining about issues with the wifi on that laptop. I’d start by trying all the tips and tricks you find in those existing threads. It not be a qubes-specific problem.

Edit: My bad Matt, I meant to reply to the thread in general, not specifically to you.

I have found nobody having “issues” w wifi or succeeding w wifi in Qubes, so I have no idea what to do. I have several threads from the Qubes forum open for generally troubleshooting Qubes internet, but this thread is for people with AMD FW13 to either express that they’ve the same problem or that theirs “just worked” or how they solved it.