Has anybody figured out how the pcie lanes are split?

On a press release for Tiger Lake, we see that the processor in this laptop has 20 pcie lanes with a possibility of 24 more lanes with a controller. From what I have seen on Reddit most laptops dedicate the lions share of lanes to GPU. This laptop does not have a gpu so I would guess the split would be x4 for the nvme, and x4 for each expansion slot.


Has anyone figured out this yet?

I am interested to know as well, especially since 12th Gen is TB4 certified.

I assume 4x for NVME, 1x for WiFi (which could be shared with the remaining USB-C ports), and rest with the USB-C Ports.

12th Gen Intel has 20 PCIe lanes. As per my guess, 4 lanes are used for NVME SSD, 2 lanes each for USB 4 port, and rest I am not sure.