Has anyone noticed that each of the USB-A expansion card draws about 0.5W?

I’ve checked thrice removing and using them, and it turns out that laptop idles at about 3.9W - 4.0W without them, and 5.3W - 5.5W when connected.

Edit: I’m using 3 A ports and 1 C port.


Is there a way to disable selected USB-ports from software, and turn it on manually?

The HDMI and microSD ones draw even more power, just like how socketed storage and memory consume more battery life than if they were soldered on. It’s one of the downsides that comes with making everything modular, but having little activation buttons on the expansion cards would be a cool addition.


Yeah, I’d love the power switches.


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Hello! I was expecting to configure the usb hubs at runtime, using mvp/uhubctl, seems like the usb hubs aren’t available to be configured (probably something’s not exposed from EC/Firmware to the Kernel, not sure). I’d like to help him out figuring this, anybody have suggestions if the hub can be enabled/disabled at runtime from OS like from the bios (and also per-port rather than all at once)?

@FrameworkBee can you help in this :eyes:?