[RESPONDED] Framework: Please document idle/sleep power consumption of the network expansion

I would prefer the 1st party ethernet expansion card to carrying a usb-c rj45 dongle as I have to now, but I also can’t take the hit of a large power draw at idle and sleep.

I see a couple of threads that mention the ethernet adapter, but are not linux specific (firmware & drivers should be key), not clear/concise advice, and definitely not authoritative.

I’m placing an order for usb-c expansion cards to replace the usb-a and hdmi I have, as even with hdmi v3 there is a real degredation of suspend battery life that affects my use of my gen12 framework-13. It’s a lot less convenient, but I’ll deal with a dongle for those. I use wired LAN much more than either of usb-A or hdmi.

@Framework - Could you please post a knowledge base of some sort that at least quantifies the current state of the network card, including under linux, so we can make informed decisions on whether to use it? Thank you.

Hi @chubby-laptop, I appreciate the feedback.

While this will be sometime before have the cycles to dedicate to this specifically. It is something that we plan on doing for a number of different items.

We do have an Ubuntu and Fedora TLP power guide(s) that will allow you to better fine tune how different expansion cards are treated.

As a general rule, you want to make sure the expansion cards are not inhibited with power saving tweaks as it will cause some hiccups.

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