Has anyone tried the new Ryzen 5 7640U Driver?

I was wondering if anyone already installed version 23.12.1 of the AMD Adrenalin driver as e.g. the new Forza Motorsport seems to need it in order to even start(suggests diver upgrade) however Forza Horizon 5 works so far after ignoring the
initial warning message.

AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640U Drivers & Support | AMD

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Also following, if anyone has updated from the Framework driver pack.

Bumping this as wondering if anyone has installed the 23.12.1 of the AMD Adrenalin driver updating from the Base Framework OEM AMD Driver?

I installed the 23.12.1 version for the 7840, and for the first time since getting the laptop , started getting display weirdness on waking from sleep including some hard resets, the AMD bug reporting software was popping up asking me to submit reports after it seems the display drivers crashed and had to be reloaded a number of times. Since reverting back to the latest Framework driver bundle from October or november, I have not experienced that problem again. Obviously, may be different for the 7640 models, but since no one is responding about them, I thought it might be ok to share my experience with the 7840.

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Thanks for the details. I’ll think I’ll hold off for now, though I need to give it a try with my eGPU RX 6800 XT, so I’ll see how it goes & revert back if needed.

I upgraded to 23.12.1 and am happy to report this fixed MS Teams crashing during screen-share. I have not used it for gaming though.


Just encountered the crash during Teams Screenshare myself so now also trying the 23.12.1 driver as well.

Had another random crash using 23.12.1 so now trying the brand new 24.1.1 AMD drivers.

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