Hats off to the Framework Team!

I’ve had my Framework laptop for about a week now and absolutely love it! Having bought the full DIY kit, I installed 32GB of G.Skill RigJaws RAM, a 500GB Samsung 980 Pro m.2 NVMe drive, and the Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 non-vPro module.

I installed Fedora 34 from an XFCE Spin, but still had no WiFi or trackpad clicks, so I then plugged in a USB network adapter, did a full update, and everything now works flawlessly. As constructive feedback, an Ethernet module would be a great addition to the snap-in module line up, so I hope they consider making one. Regardless, Fedora 35 will provide full native support for all the Framework hardware, so it’s not really an issue.

The fit and finish on the Framework laptop feels like Apple quality to me, the trackpad is sublime, and the keyboard feels great.

Thanks again for a great product, embracing the “right to repair”, and such great hardware design.


They are in the process of creating one and there is a member on the forums creating a 3rd party adapter as well

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That’s awesome. I’ll definitely buy one to throw in my laptop bag.

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I could go searching for the post/forum but you might have the answer:

It will have the hinged folding style RJ45 jack that is prevalent on other ultrabooks right?

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I know for a fact the 3rd party one does not and I don’t think the 1st party one will either


I’m that member of the community, and it will have a full size jack. Will be opening orders it the next month.