Have the input covers been fixed?

I bought a batch 6 Framework 13 that had a faulty input cover, and the replacement input cover that they sent wasn’t any better. I plan to sell this laptop or give it to a friend when the Framework 16 comes out, but it’s gotta have a functional touchpad for me to feel good about doing that.

So have they fixed the touchpad yet? Hopefully that was one of the goals for their Next Level push.

By the way, I’m not going to put the mainboard in an enclosure or do any projects with it because:

  • I already have several spare computers for projects
  • I wouldn’t know what to do with the display, etc.
  • The laptop is more valuable as a… laptop. If I want spare hardware, there are much cheaper ways of going procuring it (saving old boxes from becoming e-waste!).

I look forward to everyone’s helpful replies :​)

Well, I can’t say that I’m 100 percent happy with the touchpad but I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m not used to a touchpad like this. One so very large. I like it at times but at other times the software misinterprets my clicks. Not a hardware defect, it’s definitely software. Having said that, I’ve only had my 12th gen for like…2 months at most?

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NO problem with the input panel, once the German one had been replaced by the one for the UK, some 13 months ago.

So I’m not aware of anything to fix. Seems you have been unlucky or maybe have a more intense use and it fails under your fingers

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Yikes. That’s not a good sign. I’ll just hope for the best, I guess.

Thanks so much for this information! 13 months ago is just after I requested a replacement, so maybe I got one of the defective replacements. I hope I find the same luck that you did.

Good point. In that case, my best bet is probably to wait until I’m actually about to sell the laptop before replacing the input cover to get the best chance of it holding up. I would hate for someone to have a bad experience with a second-hand laptop, especially if it’s a Framework. On the bright side, everything else about this laptop has been rock solid, so I feel pretty good about my chances overall.

Thanks everyone!

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No no, I think it is user error, my own. Like I said, I’ve not owned a laptop with a trackpad like this ever. I come from an illustrious history of $500 laptop specials. So the trackpads are soooo much smaller. I’m very used to barely moving my fingers and being on the far left of the pad. And before that I had a thinkpad with physical buttons. So I think if I spend time on retraining my muscle memory, my experience will much improve.


Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up!

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They have not fixed the problem with the touchpads I have had three different input covers, and all of them have the same problem. For me, the problem is with the physical click. Sometimes a single click is not recognized, and sometimes it is recognized as a double-click.

To make it worse, support keeps trying to blame it on drivers or the OS. It’s not software. It’s the hardware.

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@noblman Strange, I usually tap to click but have been trying physical clicks lately and aside from the odd occasion where it didn’t seem to register I cannot replicate your described behaviour.

If you use Gnome can you replicate this behaviour with the “Tests Your Settings” under mouse and touchpad settings?

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