HDMI card failing

I’ve been using my Framework laptop for about six months.

In the last two months, I started a new job with a cubicle and a 4k monitor. I’ve been leaving the HDMI cable connected to my HDMI expansion card for the entire workday, and using two screens. Often, when the laptop sleeps, the monitor is disconnected, and I would have to manually unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable to get signal out.

Recently, however, the monitor stopped talking with my computer entirely. I’ve verified that it works for other devices, and also tried the HDMI expansion card on other monitors. My card does not properly connect to any HDMI monitors anymore. When I plug it in, Windows plays the new device connection sound, and the windows display manager briefly shows the connection of a generic pnp monitor, but can’t find its resolution or actually put anything on the external monitor’s lcd. After a few seconds, the computer loses the panel.

My ports are clean, and I’ve tried moving my HDMI card to different USB-c slots to see if it might be a USB-C connection issue. I’ve had no luck

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this?

Do you happen to have a usb-c to hdmi converter that isn’t an expansion card? This is a very weird issue, especially since the expansion card still works with other devices. I’d get in touch with support if you haven’t already.

no, this is the expansion card

Right, I’m asking if you have some adapter other than the card to test if the laptop can output HDMI at all. If not, I’d just get in contact with support.

i do not. I made a support ticket

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