HDMI no longer works unless expansion card is reinserted, USB-C display connection no longer works at all

Framework Laptop 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1240P × 16
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Until today, I’ve been using this laptop with two external monitors for several weeks without any issues. One monitor is connected via HDMI and the other monitor is connected via USB-C.

If I unplug and reinsert the HDMI cable from the laptop, I lose signal to that monitor. The only way I’m able to restore signal is if I remove the HDMI expansion card from the laptop, plug that onto the end of the HDMI cable, and then reinsert the HDMI expansion card with the cable into the laptop.

The monitor that’s connected via USB-C wasn’t getting a signal until I changed it to another USB-C port. While troubleshooting this issue it started working again briefly in the original USB-C port, but that didn’t persist through a reboot. All USB-C ports work fine for power, keyboard, and mouse.

I filed a support ticket, but I’m posting this here too on the off chance somebody faced similar problems.