HDMI socket needs to be re-seated each time a device is unplugged

I’m running kubuntu 22.04 on framework 13 (12th gen core i5). I have one USB-c, two usb-A and one HDMI ports. As I said in the topic, each time I unplug and re plug the HDMI cord into the HDMI port, the system doesn’t respond. In the system settings, the display tab only sees my laptop screen. When I reseat the HDMI expansion card, the system sees the second display. This behavior is new–about 1-2 weeks old. Any guidance would be appreciated.

have you tried kubuntu 23.04? or a newer kernel?

Of the four USB C slots on the motherboard, which one houses your HDMI adapter? Have you tried moving the adapters around to other slots to see if the behavior changes?

Thanks for both responses.

I have moved it around, but the behavior seems to be the same. Also, I have not tried a newer kernel, nor have I ‘upgraded’ to 23.04. I use quotes because I am a big fan of LTS. I can possibly try a new kernel, but I don’t want to end up in a dead-end release.

Art Edwards