HDMI not working in one slot

I just got my AMD Framework 13 yesterday and it’s been pretty great except for one thing: my HDMI card doesn’t work in one of the slots. It works in all but the left slot most towards the user, which is of course where I wanted it to optimize cable runs at my desk. I’m not an expert on hardware (am a software dev), but I’d assume it should work in any of the slots.

Windows will usually give me the following problem notification when I plug it into that slot:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 135809

I’m running Windows 11 Pro and the HDMI card says it’s the 3rd gen.

Things I’ve tried:

  • different cables
  • manually assigning on input on the monitor
  • re-seating the card
  • using the card with a different machine (it worked fine, just like in the other ports)
  • putting a USB-C card into the slot and plugging the HDMI card into that, no cigar

Any help would be appreciated.


Supporting USB4/DP for upper left and right slots, USB 3.2/DP for lower right slot and USB 3.2 only for lower left slot, along with USB-C power input on all four slots

Also see Matt Hartley’s post here: [RESPONDED] Display Output only working on one Slot - #6 by Matt_Hartley


Welp… that answers my question. Thank you very much.

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