HDMI & xrandr with bspwm

Could someone help me with xrandr. I can’t seem to get it working with the HDMI module.

When I try adding the external monitor with xrandr, the HDMI monitor stays black, nothing is displayed. I can see that bspwm has recognized that addition, because the desktops on the laptop monitor change numbers, and the desktop I have assigned to the external monitor seems to be picked up. When I switch focused desktop to the HDMI monitor, the windows on the laptop become deselected, but still nothing on the HDMI. I can move windows to the desktop assigned to HDMI (but I can’t see them), and I can move them back to the laptop monitor.

Am I doing something wrong? Is my HDMI module faulty?

Addional info:

Before I plug in the HDMI cable into the laptop, xrandr says my HDMI port (DP-1) is ‘disconnected’. When I plug the HDMI cable into the laptop and the monitor, xrandr now says DP-1 is ‘connected’!? Why is that? I haven’t run any sort of randr command at this point. The HDMI monitor is still blank.

OK. Discovered something quite by accident. If I switch to a TTY screen, all of a sudden my display is mirrored on my HDMI monitor. If I then switch back to X, now the HDMI monitor is doing what I specified in the last xrandr statement I ran.

So, I played with this a bit and found that if I disconnect the HDMI cable, then reconnect it, I have to switch to a TTY then back to X to get the external display working.

What do you think is going on?