HDMI output, not detecting max resolution of external displays

Hi Guys

I’ve recently setup my Framework 13 AMD with linux mint, I’ve updated to kernel 6.5, have fingerprint etc working. However I’m having an issue with my external screen. I am conecting to it with the hdmi module but whatever I do it will only show a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800. Things I’ve tried:

Putting the module in all 4 slots, makes no difference
Using different cables, makes no difference
Trying 2 other screens of different make/model, no difference
Forcing additional mode lines with xrandr, no difference

Im pretty stummped atm so any help would be muchly appreciated! :smiley:

Having that from time to time. Seems driver related.
Usually unplugging the screen and re-plugging after 5 secs brings the full resolution back.

PS: I have that behavior through the dock/HDMI or adapter-hdmi.

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Thanks Jorg, that did the trick, cant beleive it was so simple!