Help! Windows install off of media

Help!!! When my laptop arrived, i wanted to use linux to save some money, but i quickly realized it wasnt for me. So i purchased a windows 10 key and downloaded it to a flashdrive to instal it on the framework. However, this popped up and I am not able to fix anything. Any ideas??

You will have to delete the partitions that Linux setup before you can install windows 10.

You did indicate that you were not going to keep Linux.

How do I do that? If you could help, I really appreciate it

How do I do that? If you could help, I really appreciate it

There seems to be a delete option in the pictures you took. Did you try that?

Yes I did. It clears the free space up to 512MB. However, windows requires that it be 10,500 or so MB available on a partition to download, and I am not able to re-format it to make it that large

So what happened when you hit delete? I think you should be able to click on both partitions and select delete for both of them until it displays as unallocated space. Then you would hit new to make a new partition that is formatted as NTFS which is what windows wants.

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Oh my gosh, you beautiful soul @Avery_Uslaner!!! It worked!!! thank you thank you thank you
edit: I didn’t need to create a new partition. It automatically was formatted correctly

Glad you got it working.