Help with the webcam on Linux

Hello everyone.
When I want to use the webcam to take a photo or video in Windows, I just open the camera app and record. However, in Linux, I don’t have a preinstalled camera app. I’m running Pop!_OS and I decided to install Cheese.

Taking pictures is no problem, as you can see in this nice crisp photo sample.

but videos are laughably bad however. I cannot upload video files to this post, but check out the links below for examples.
Grainy video taken from Cheese
I did not expect the video to look this bad, especially because the live preview is high quality.
High quality live preview
One thing I did notice, however, was that the effects preview page was at an almost nonexistent frame rate.
Low frame rate effects preview

Is this a problem with Cheese? Or do I need to install some codecs or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you try using guvcview and going to the video tab to see what the selected resolution is? You should be able to play with it and possibly set the default resolution that way (which might translate to Cheese picking up the proper resolution).

A completely wild guess from a fellow Linux user haha :slight_smile:

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